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  1. I have just begun to design. I added categories which begins, of course, with "uncategorized." I added four categories, but when I test the drop-down I don't see the four created categories, but only the "uncategorized." I plan to have each category used to individually address each on my four medical conditions/diseases.

    Where are my four choices? What do I do?

    Thanks, Carolyn

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make blog posts, and categorize them appropriately. Categories do not show in the category widget until they have been used in at least one post.

  3. Thank you, that makes total sense.

  4. I'm new to this so my question is how do you categorize a post before you publish it?

  5. My apologies if I wated someones time------ I've figured it out.

  6. Patience, someone who has a better answer than mine will reply.

    I believe that at the bottom of your post where you see "tags" .... Those are your self identified categories; where you identify you post for search by a visitor. For example, if you put "books" there, two things will happen.

    1.if you allow search and that word is input by a visitor they will find all posts that have that tag/category.

    2. If you are using a widget for categories, the tag will appear there and anytime a visitor clicks on that word all posts tagged with that word will appear.

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