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Categories act as tags

  1. My categories continue to act as tags - when I click on a category, it acts as a tag and takes me to a wordpress page full of anything tagged with that term. It does not take me to the "section" of my blog that is identified by that category name.

  2. Yes, that is correct. This topic has been widely (extensively) discussed here in the forums.

    and in the FAQ

    (I had to check that I wasn't having deja vu; didn't I answer this same question earlier today?)

    It's my understanding that if you add the categories widget to your sidebar, it will point to the posts in your own blog.


    I have it too.

    If I at categories to a post they all click to global pages as the links use /tag/ but the list of all the categories at the bottom of the page links correctly to site based /category/

    The tags all link correctly to the global /tag/ pages.

    I hope this will be fixed soon.

  4. Please read this thread so you know how to make your desire known to staff

  5. The whole category/tag thing is making my head hurt.
    I'm glad to have tags, but....ugh!

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