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Categories acting strange

  1. I know something heavy's happening backstage, but this is an old issue that keeps bugging me (a little). I have two categories, "Music" and "Uncategorized". The "Manage Categories" thumbnail tells me I have 1 post in "Uncategorized" and 25 in "Music", but when looking at my posts in "Manage", all are categorized "Music". Could this be related to the fact that I can't manage to erase "Uncategorized", even though "Music" is now the default cat? Thanks.

    (Using Win2000, FF)

  2. Yes. To get rid of Uncategorized, you need set your default category to Music instead. Then you'll be able to delete Uncategorized.

  3. That's the problem, "Music" is the default category... When I click on "Delete", I get the Yes/No option, click on Yes and nothing else happens. But thanks for trying to help. If nobody has an idea, I'll go through Feedback.

  4. Strange as I do not have a Uncategorized category in my system.

    I'm kicking myself actually as we should have had you just rename Uncategorized to Music and went with that.

    Send in a feedback. Something's up.

    Good luck,

  5. Thanks.

  6. nooneiswatching

    I'm experiencing the same problem. "Manage Categories" tells me I have 2 posts in "Uncategorized", but via my main blog page (, clicking "Uncategorized" gives 404.

    I know all my entries are not in "Uncategorized", so this intrigues me.

  7. This is fixed now. Your category counts should be correct and you can delete the "Uncategorized" category now.

  8. nooneiswatching

    Checked it and it's fine now. Weirdness, but thanks a bunch!

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