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    First of all, I do know the difference between a page and a post and I have both of them in my blog.
    However, it would make things a lot easier if I could find an easy, safe and free way to add categories to my pages, because adding categories only to my posts is quite pointless.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English. It’s not my first language.


    I’m guessing they will move this to the “ideas” area, but… I agree with you. I too, wish that we could add categories to pages, and not only posts. I keep my pages as pages for a reason, still… I want to be able to categorize them.

    How I’ve gotten around this (a very, very little bit) is by creating a custom menu, and adding the pages to the appropriate parent page. It doesn’t categorize them, but helps sort them a tiny bit.

    And… your English is perfect.



    Thanks for answering, that’s quite a good solution.
    However, I haven’t found any widget that shows the most recent pages. The only thing I found is a widget that shows the most recent posts. Is there a way to show on my sidebar the most recent pages or not?



    I disagree and do not want to see Pages treated the same way Posts are treated. They are designed for different types of content. Posts have tonnes of Google juice. Pages don’t and never will. Other bloggers rarely if ever backlink to static Pages in their published posts. Consequently, Page structured blogs have a very difficult time:
    1. securing traffic;
    2. securing comments;
    3. securing backlinks;
    4. achieving authority in their niche;
    5. achieving Google PageRank.
    Characteristics of posts and pages comparison >


    @gunsnwar – this expains the Pages widget:

    @ timethief… I completely understand the difference between posts and pages. All that you list regarding why pages have a difficult time – none of that matters to me. I have no interest in Google juice or PageRank or any of it. (I hear gasping! :-) ) Just as I don’t care that my posts have never been in “Topics” – I tag and categorize for my convenience, not for ratings.

    The pages I post are for background information, I link to them through the posts they relate to, and it works perfectly for me. That other bloggers don’t link – glad that works for them!

    I’m new to WordPress, not to blogging, and I realize my approach to blogging is different than 99.9% of those here, and it works for me, and those who read my blog.

    Just as I have no interest in all the “Sharing” links and so ignore them, those who don’t want to categorize pages could ignore that, too. :-)

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