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Categories and Sub-Categories?

  1. Hello

    I have recently tried to create some sub-categories for my blog, however, it is not appearing as though I have when I view my site.

    I am using the Sapphire theme, and thought it might be a problem with this.

    If someone could help, I'd be most grateful!


  2. John you are right. These things depend on the theme. You should try out different themes and you will get what you want. I had sub-categories earlier when I had the Kubric theme but when I changed my theme, they disappeared. So I went back and got rid of the sub categories for each post. It was a pain, but for me the theme is more important.

  3. IIRC, if you switch over to widgets, you have a checkbox to show the subcategories.

    You would have to recreate the entire sidebar though but that shouldn't be too hard.

  4. note, the categories will only appear when got at least ONE post in them

  5. That too. :)

    Best way to cheat around that is tag your "welcome to my blog" post with every category you've got. :)

  6. Thank you all very much. I'll get to work on this now...


  7. I have done it, however, the maths isn't right.

    For one of my categories, it reads 41, when there should be over a hundred posts filed under sub-categories within that category. Is this just the way it is? For doing this quite late into my blog?

    Sorry for being a pest, but I'm thinking maybe someone out there in the blogosphere knows how to get this right...


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