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Categories and tags have disappeared

  1. transatlanticnotesblog

    My categories do not show up when they previously did - they have all been used/assigned to posts, but when I check the box in the dashboard when writing a new post, they do not show up on my blog. Tags also do not show up on my posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. transatlanticnotesblog

    At bit more detail - the categories and tags show up when I preview the post, but they are not there once the post is published.

  3. transatlanticnotesblog

    I have looked again and still no categories, tags or related content shows up on my post - all of these show up when I preview the post, and when I go to dashboard > posts > view once the post has been published.

    I create my posts by going to dashboard > posts > add new - the dashboard shows all my categories (which I check and have used for some time so they do have posts assigned to them), I can add the tags and it is set to standard post format. Any ideas?

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