Categories appear wrong in Microsoft Word since 2.7

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    I guess the title of this post says it all :)

    I’ve been using Microsoft Word 2007’s native WordPress support to publish articles to my blog, but with a post just before – first one since the update to WordPress 2.7 – the “Insert Category” button went off to WordPress as usual, fetched the category list for my blog, and brought up a drop-down that contained only the category *descriptions*, not the categories themselves.

    It’s no show-stopper, but given that this problem cropped up I ended up switching to Windows Live Writer to publish, which worked fine (though for some reason the images it sent to my media library show up fine in the actual blog but just as text links in the dashboard!) but I prefer Word as WLR doesn’t support fluid-width WYSIWYG.




    I’ve got the same problem!
    Solution found here :

    This was probably caused by a change we made in the 2.7 release for the metaWeblog.getCategories method. We’ve adjusted that change in the 2.7 branch because of concerns that clients like this would break. Try the lastest version of the xmlrpc.php file for the 2.7 branch:

    that should fix the problem. This fix will be part of 2.7.1 when it comes out.
    I’ve tried it’s work!



    @engel31, this is the forum. Your answer applies only to blogs. We don’t have access to php files here.



    Hum so sorry!
    Here is another location !


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    WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are fundamentally different:
    we can’t upload files like that.



    Anthony your images may look like text in the Dashboard because Windows writers adds some extra HTML tags such as Margin and transparent. I don’t think the editor recognizes them.
    Its no big deal, but that is a little annoying when you want to reedit a picture with dashboard editor.

    I would love to find a nice WYSIWYG that would match up with the posting. It seems that everyone of tried something doesn’t quite match work, whether its Descriptions… or having to remove HTML tags that doesn’t like.

    Perhaps Automatic will someday create an simple WYSIWYG editor like windows writer that can be downloaded.
    (hint! Hint!)

    *specifically I want one that has more font types and sizes so I don’t have to type them in HTML code.



    This problem now appears to have been fixed; Word 2007 is correctly reading categories from the server again.

    Thanks to WordPress for the speedy fix!

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