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Categories appearing from nowhere

  1. Hey

    I added a new post a couple of days ago when I noticed 3 new categories had appeared emotional wellbeing, lola and music. I deleted them but they were there again today so I deleted them again. Im past overreacting and suspecting my blog has been hacked but why is this happenning? I cant find any discussions with information and I dont know if this is a problem or not.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you perchance use any of those as categories?

  3. SNAP! Please forgive me I meant to type: Did you perchance use any of those as categories or tags previously?

  4. hi timethief Thanks!

    no I didnt use the categories but i have used those words as tags before. I was just a little taken aback because a few days ago some dude retweet my post about a hacking documentary and when I checked him out his link took me to some site he was a member on with tags all named hacking, how to hack, and words like that so I deleted his ping comment thingies on my blog.

    So Im hoping this is just a wordpress thing lol

  5. It's my understanding that we cannot use the same word as both a category and a tag. I don't have a clue how these were assigned to your post without your knowledge. I would immediately change my password, do complete security scan of my computer and file a support ticket with Staff

  6. ok alright thanks timethief I will do that!!! hopefully its no big deal, thanks again

  7. It's probably just a glitch of some sort but nothing is lost by taking the steps above, and only Staff can fathom where these additional categories are coming from and how they are being added.

  8. Also note that you can Comment Blacklist that "hacker guy" on your Discussion page.

  9. Yes Im hoping its just WordPress naughty elves but I was a little bit concerned. I will update this thread when WordPress replies And thanks for the Comment Blacklist tip Im add that guy for annoying me like this

  10. Update - Staff replied and said all access to my account for the last week has been from the same IP address so I guess that means my blog is all good. I think Im more embarrassed knowing staff can see how many times I hang out on WordPress. So must just be a glitch. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for coming back and letting us know the outcome. (I spend lots of time logged in here too because I multitask while I do my other work online. )

  12. One question: you're not using Zemanta, are you? It's a little fiddly to work with and if you don't know how to use it can automatically add tags to your post.

  13. Interesting ...

  14. Thanks timethief! Im really here too much these days but it has been so much fun learning.

    raincoaster no I am not using Zemanta, but I did do a search on my computer just to make sure lol

    Im second guessing myself now because I was thinking of creating a category named emotional wellbeing but not lola or music Its all very weird but Im happy nothing bad seems to be going on.

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