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    Hi, Our category list is gone and now a search box reading “select category” is there and it seems to be messing up the format of the page. We liked our category list…what happened? Can someone please help?

    Here’s the link.


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    Somebody must have changed the category widget to a drop down. Go into design>widgets and uncheck the box “show as drop down.”



    I’ve been having weird issue with Category widget today. It shows the letter “a” instead of the word Categories. The weird thing is, I have removed the letter “a” twice already from the widget, but it still shows up after few minutes.

    I’m going to wait and see before I contact the support.


    I don’t see that option under widgets. I don’t see any boxes that are checked or unchecked for that matter.


    ismailimail~That is exactly what we have!!!



    The same thing happened here. No one went in and changed the settings… The title showed up as “a” and the list was showing as a dropdown. Manually changing the widget back to my original settings solved the issue, but I’ll be keeping an eye out in case it mysteriously changes again.


    @peppermintgirl, click on the edit link on the categories widget then change it there. Make sure and click “change” and then the “save changes” button at the bottom of the widget list.



    My categories widget was messed up this morning; I changed it back (and it was fine for a little while), and now it’s messed up again! The title is changed to “a” and it’s a drop-down instead of the list.

    I think this needs some serious support!



    Same thing happened to me this morning too.

    My category list changed to the title of “a” and a dropdown list.

    I just changed my title back and unchecked the dropdown list option. Looks like it’s changing for lots of people.


    Thanks thesacredpath~I did that and the drop down box is not checked.



    Same thing here. It continues to revert back to a drop down menu with the title “a”, even after hitting the change and save options. I’ve updated my widgets several times and while it temporarily fixes the problem, it keeps going back to the drop down “a” menu.


    Give it a little time would be my suggestion. It could be that there are some updates going on. Typically things like this work themselves out within 24 hours.



    I fixed mine and now it’s went back to ‘a’ and dropdown. After I changed it back to how it was yesterday, then it worked for a few minutes. Now it’s back to a dropdown… arrgg. Let’s see how long my second change works.



    Oh, also maybe it’s a new theme related bug instead of a system database bug. I’m using MistyLook. Which them are the others experiencing this problem using?

    I’ve submitted this via wp.com contact page as a bug and included a link to this thread.


    We are not using Misty look, we use Neo-Sapien. Thanks for linking this thread.


    My category drop-down widget vanished from the main page. I checked the dashboard under the Design settings and the widget was gone from there too. I already sent a message to staff and he already replied back. The theme I use is Sapphire.



    It doesn’t appear to be theme related as I use Redoable Lite on one blog and Freshy on another.



    My category widget has already defaulted back to the dropdown list instead of the correct title and settings. Looks like any changes that I make last for about 5-10 minutes.


    Same issue here…I’m using the old Garland theme. For now, I’ve left it as a drop-down and removed the ‘a’. I’ll prob try to change it back to how it was previously though



    Same with me. My categories has kept disappearing today. Every time I re-add it, 10 mins later it’s gone.

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