Categories are no showing in Side Bar!

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    Could you please tll me how to display my Categories in the side bar, please? I have another blog on which uses WordPress and it works there. But here I cant find a way to do it. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.



    If you give a link to your blog, we can try to see what’s going on. Your username links to a commercial site.



    Make sure you have the Category/Tags widget in the sidebar.


    Link to our blog –

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



    Go to your dashboard, then Presentation, Widgets. Drag and drop the ‘Categories’ widget into the sidebar and be sure to click ‘Save Changes’. Should be the work of a moment!



    Go to your “Write” menu, just make a new post. Loak at the right side of the page, you will find an option to fill of the catagories. Hopefully succeed.


    Rosclarke and Sukseskita

    Many thanks for your time!

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