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Categories are not correctly displaying

  1. videogamewriting

    I have just created a new blog - I've got a couple others so I'm not completely new to WordPress.

    This blog in particular has a lot of categories and sub categories (to me anyway) about 200.

    There are only about 20 "Parent" categories and the rest are a mixture of child and grandchild. I now have 2 issues with these:

    Issue 1) I am not seeing some of them being correctly displayed in the Posts > Categories section. They are being displayed as being Parent, not child or grandchild, but when I drill into them, the correct parent is listed.

    Issue 2) This is in a new menu I am trying to create. I want to add the categories to a menu item to reflect the same structure of the categories, so 20 main menu items, then you drill down to what you want. But only about 10% of them are correctly "Indenting" in the checkboxes. An image of the problem is here

    Is this a bug? I cannot see that I've hit some sort of limit and its going crazy, and I have set it up correctly because when I drill into the specific category its displaying correctly what parent it should be under.


    The blog I need help with is

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