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Categories aren't working (or I don't know how to use them)

  1. I'm new to wordpress, which is probably why I can't get this to work.
    For some reason, I am unable to use categories. I have done this:
    Set theme to "Pool"
    Gone to Manage>Categories; and added a few categories.
    Added a few pages.
    Added a post.
    The only problem is I can't assign the "Post" to any category other than "unassigned".
    Can anyone help me here?

  2. When you click on "edit" post, and then scroll down to the categories section, do you see any categories listed? What happens when you click "show all categories" (or whatever the link is called?

  3. Rats, forgot to explain that. When I click on "All Categories", it freezes with a 'loading circle' icon. I can't access them after that, even if I refresh. It's defaulting to "Most Used", which is only showing "Uncategorized". I even tried "Add new Category", but it does the same thing (only it also makes a very small space appear between the link and the box with the categories, which I believe is where a box is supposed to go).

  4. What browser are you using, etc.?

  5. Internet Explorer 7
    Other than that, I don't know what you want. Sorry

  6. ah.. just tested it in FireFox and it works. Thanks for indirectly suggesting that... should've tried that before. I'll use FireFox until IE works, or forever for categorizing, lol.

  7. I have tried many times recategrizing a post -- unsucessfully. After un-checking a category box and saaving, the category is still there. I don't know what to do.

  8. It's an annoying glitch. Be aware that all posts must have at least one category or tag, even if it's just Uncategorized. I have found it takes an average of three edits to get changes to stick, no idea why.

  9. Yeap, a very annoying glicth indeed. More than annoying, I would say, since not even with 9-10 edits a change did stick. I guess I'll just wait -- perhaps someone from support will find out and correct whatever problem there is.

  10. I have about 17 categories on the right column of my Andreas09 blog. I'm using Firefox (updated) and Safari to check on posts. I have a post that I can't seem to send into its proper category, and though the category shows up when I'm in Management, I can't see it on the page.
    There's what looks like a glitch, when I scroll down from the post editing screen to assign it to a category. I took a screen capture of the glitch, maybe I can post it somewhere for people to have a look.

  11. For a few weeks now I get the rest of my categories to load other than the most used. Not on any of my blogs. And i've tried in safari, firefox and IE..It says loading and then hangs up.

  12. Have you done the Cookie Dance? Log out, clear cache and cookies, and restart?

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