Categories Automatically Being Checked After Saving

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    And I would rather this not happen, even if I use the word in the post.

    Because I do not care for “likes” (almost to a passion) and learned people can click on “like” from places other than my blog, I have chosen to stop using a couple of my Categories such as Photos and Birds, using specific bird names instead. Well, it seems if I use either “photos” or “birds” in my posts, the box for those categories are check marked. I will remove the check mark and click on Update, but it comes right back.

    Is the only option I have is to delete those categories? Or is this some kind of bug?
    Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    On any new post I am creating I can click and remove the only automatically displayed default category. So I’m not clear on why you can’t do that. The only time a post appears with additional categories aside from the single default category is when we use thecopy a post feature? Is that what you are doing?


    Thanks for the reply.
    I am not clear as to why I cannot do this, either. This is why I posted. :) Nope, I have never used the “copy a post”. If I remember correctly, I had been able to remove the category in the past and was able to do so.

    I guess I can try to delete the categories and see what happens.



    That’s disappointing. I’ll come up with some kind of category to make default then. :)



    Yes you can do that. The default category we have when we start a new blog is “uncategorized” unless or until we change it. Many people also use “random”

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