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Categories cloud widget

  1. I have an insanely stupid question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere: is there an upper limit to how many categories I can display in the category cloud widget?

    (To clarify, I know how to change the maximum number displayed. I'm just wondering if I can set that to any number I like, or if WordPress has some set upper limit beyond which I cannot go.)

  2. Yes, there is. I can't recall the exact number, but it's set by and there's nothing you can do to change it.

  3. That's what I figured. Does anyone happen to know the number?

    (I want to make sure all my categories show in the widget, which may necessitate some rearranging on my part.)

  4. Looks like 30, judging from my sidebar.

  5. Huh. I managed to get 100 at last count, and how nerdish am I that I actually counted? There is a "set max number of categories displayed"-type option in the widget; I've been fiddling with that, but I was wondering if there's a hard max to the display. (I have, currently, 169 categories, which is why I ask.)

  6. I have almost three hundred. I wonder why the difference? I just tried changing it to 100 and the changes would not take.

  7. That's basically the problem I'm having - I've had it set to 100 for a while now, then realized (boy, I pay attention) that I'm fast approaching 200. So I set my max limit to 250, and it won't take. I was wondering if it's a me-problem - maybe I was exceeding some limit I didn't know about. Hence the question.

  8. My category cloud looks awful. Its too jammed together. I have nowhere near 100 different categories. Mine is pretty much unusable. Thoughts?


  9. I think you should not hijack threads and post the same question 3x.

    Your category widget gives you the option to display categories in a list or in a drop-down box. Click edit and proceed from there.

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