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    OK, I will try and make this as clear cut as possible. I had come to the conclusion that Categories (and Pages for that matter) must all match in three places:

    (1) The original section titled CATEGORIES where you actually set your categories
    (2) On both sides of the MENU section (A) Where you select which ones you want in your Custom Menu and (2) In the Custom Menu itself.

    I thought all my sections were matching. The PROBLEM, however, is that when I went to write a post and went to choose which categories to put the post under (in the drop down menu on the right in the Post section) it had several EXTRA categories that were not in the CATEGORIES section. Of course, that drop-down box did match the box of categories under Menus. BUT, I repeat, it did NOT match the categories where you actually insert and delete them!

    In other words, there is no place I can delete those extra categories (The category DIRECT MAIL is repeated three times!) other than in the original Categories section … except that those repeat categories are not there!

    So, the big question is, how do I delete those repeat categories so they are not showing up every time I go to create a new post? It’s very confusing because obviously I don’t want to check DIRECT MAIL three times!

    I hope I made my case clear enough. It’s so hard to “tell” rather than show something like this. :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay, I just counted all my categories.

    In the section where i CREATE categories it lists 20 categories(Direct Mail is there only once)

    In the Menu section, on the left-hand side where you PICK the categories you created in the original Categories there are 23 categories listed. (Direct Mail is listed 2 times)

    In the Custom Menu section on the right-hand side, there are only 15 categories which is okay, because that are the categories I want listed in the order I have them.

    You see the problem here? I need to get rid of that extra Direct Mail category but how since it’s not even listed twice in the only place I can delete categories!

    To repeat, I just want all my categories to match in each place so I don’t get confused … especially when I’m going to select which categories I want my posts in. :)



    I can’t believe this. As it turned out it was something completely stupid (though easily missed by even Menza’s.) Under the Name heading on the category for some reason it wasn’t displaying all the categories … even though they were there hidden from sight.

    But when you went to Page Two it just showed the word Description and Slug, etc., and because I knew those extras categories had to be there, I clicked on Name and lo and behold up popped those missing categories. Why it only hid those categories on the second page and not the first, I will never know.

    Anyway, problem solved. I deleted those repeat categories, etc.


    I was thinking this might tie in with an issue I had where I transferred a blog over here for a friend and ended up with one category duplicated 20 times, and a handful of others 2 or 3 times. Guess it doesn’t though, just that the category list page is not fully populating the list or something.



    Oh, well I feel better that I’m not the only person having “issues” with this thing.

    Thanks for sharing!

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