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Categories deleted

  1. i was trying to rename a category and rename it's parent, when somehow all my categories disappeared. i had none in the manage page of the dashboard and none on the sidebar, but the posts still showed their tags on them. when i tried to add the categories back on, it said invalid entry, so i tried adding different categories on. i didn't get very far before it stopped letting me do anything. now i can't write a post or click on manage without getting a "503 service unavailable" message. is the server really busy, or do i need to just trash my blog? please help!!!

  2. There's another thread about the 503 service unavailable in which Podz asks that you send in feedback so he can investigate the problem.

    Can I suggest that you do that for your problem too?


  3. momsgroup - your blog is fixed.

  4. actually, it is not fixed. i just sent the problem in feedback. i can access the "write post" screen, but not "manage" anything. nor are my categories back, but i don't know if that is related to this problem.

  5. I see the problem.
    It's being sorted out.

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