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    Yes, I searched the forum and Faq but could not find this problem. On occasion I find that my categories assigned to certain posts don’t show up on the Management page. In other words I know I have a post in a category and the category will show a count of 0 (zero) when it had a correct count the week or day before. So then I go back and edit the post by retyping the category name and adding it. This has been happening for the past two months and I can’t discern the pattern as to why it happens. I know no once could explain my disappearing LINK problem early on when I started here, but perhaps this is an easy explainable and solvable problem. Thanks in advance for your help.



    Can you give us a specific example of a post that should show up, but doesn’t? We need the exact URL of the post.



    Sure – for instance please go to this post on one of my blogs here:

    The title of the cd was one of the categories and was listed initally when I did the post.
    But now when I go to the manage categories page, the category “NBC Sounds of the Season: The KT Tunstall Holiday Collection” is still listed but says that there are 0 (zero) assignments Instead of “1” (one) TAG. Also when you click on the tag in the post it says there is no such category on wordpress.

    I have not re-added this particular one so you can see it as an example. Hope you can figure out what is happening. When I re-add them all is well, but in return usually another two or three disappear later on.

    I have also a dozen or so missing on my other blog that I have not fixed yet. I can send you those links too if you need to see more. Just let me know.

    Thanks again for your time.



    Does it happen if you use tags instead of categories? Just wondering because I’ve been noticing a problem with categories on my blog for the last week or so; two separate categories will get mixed together (eg. life and personal become life-personal), but if I write them as tags then there isn’t a problem.

    That wouldn’t solve your problem; I think you’ll probably need staff to have a look when they get back unless anyone else has an idea. But if it works it would give you a way of tagging them in the meantime. The only other thing is that the category you used is long; I don’t think there’s a limit, but the end of it is still cut off on your post. You could try going to Dashboard > Manage > Categories and making it shorter to see if that makes a difference. But that’s just a shot in the dark.



    Thank you CJ –

    Hmm – Yeah the example I gave is longer than most cjwriter. I will go back and look at some others to see if maybe length is a common factor. I don’t know off the top of my heard, but I will report back here.

    No – I rarely use tags so have noticed no problem with them – but then again I wasn’t looking for anything. Is there some way to maintain tags like there is to maintain categories?



    There have been a couple other issues with categories in the forum today and it does appear like there may be some limit on the number of categories that can be assigned to a post. Whether that is by design or something else no one here knows at this point.

    It was found that posts with over 20 categories assigned to them would not show up in the global tags pages, but if the number of categories was reduced to under 20 (say, 16) then the posts would immediately show up on the global tags pages.



    /nod to tsp

    Is there some way to maintain tags like there is to maintain categories?

    I think this is on point and sadly the answer is “no”.

    Is there a way to manage tags?
    Can I see a list of all the tags I have used?
    No, there is no way to view the tags you have used.


    /nod to timethief
    Being able to see all the tags we have used, even it it is just a list, would in my opinion be a nice feature to have. I know I ended up with the same tag, once capitalized and once not. I also ended up with some plural and some not. It’s confusing.



    Uh oh. Not good news for me tsp.

    Your explanation would explain why when I re-add deleted categories that some other categories end up disappearing . Woe is me. I have lots of categories so I guess I am going to have to come up with a whole new organizational method for my entire blog.
    Pity as I was finally comfortable with my set-up.

    Unless perhaps someone else has figured out what the extra “Categories widgets boxes” are for and how to use them: I have not seen the use for them explained anywhere, but if I have overlooked it please let me know. Otherwise I don’t know how to direct my readers to specific topics.

    Yes perhaps we could suggest tag management as a new feature, as it would be most useful for the reason you stated tsp.



    Some blogs have thousands of tags – really they do.
    It simply is not practical for them to be managed.


    @sondan I don’t think there is a limit on the amount of categories you can have, just it seems a limit on the amount you can assign to a post. At somewhere around 20 it seems to keep your posts from showing up in the global tagegory pages.

    @mark I wasn’t necessarily looking to be able to manage categories, but perhaps just a list of the ones used. Three columns on a blank page, or something like that so a blogger could see what they had already used.

    I don’t know how wordpress stores the tag names a blogger has used, so I’m not sure how hard it would be, or if it’s even possible.

    For people who have thousands of tags, well….



    I sort of have a similar problem. I changed themes yesterday, now no categories or tags show up with the posts. Just nothing. On the management page you can see the categories/tags that were assigned to the post but they don’t display on the post page. Any ideas?

    Writer Chick


    Some themes do not show categories or tags. ChaoticSoul is one of them.



    well I did just discover that it is not the category length that causes the disappering act because a 5 letter one went away today. Instead of deleting and re-adding it, I tried just going to edit the post and then uncheking the categories then re-checking it and that worked to replace it properly.

    Oh well. Anyone else have any more ideas I am here.


    I would probably contact support. This definitely should not be happening.

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