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    I am using the theme Hum on my site Bunny Waffles and have changed the reading view so that only one post shows on the front page (just ‘cus my brain says it’s neater that way!).

    However when selecting a category (example), only one post is shown, I suppose as I have one post selected to be shown. Is there a way that for the category view, or monthly archives etc, to show a preview of the post instead of the full one, as on the front page? And to show more than one post at a time?

    Eep. I suck at explaining stuff- basically I’m asking if I can keep my one-post view on the front page of my site, and have a ‘listed’ view of any relevant posts on the category pages? No worries if not! Just thought it was worth an ask :)

    The blog I need help with is




    Setting your front page to display one post also affects all other views and Hum shows the full article in archives and category views and excerpts in search view.


    Thanks justjennifer- I’ve changed the view to 3 posts so at least there’s a bit of meat to the categories/archives now. Thanks for your help!

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