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Categories don't display my entries

  1. Hi, my wordpress blog is I'm having issues with my Categories.

    I've created 15 categoriers, filled them with entries which I imported from my previous blog LiveJournal.

    But now whenever I click any category, instead of seeing my entries, I only receive this in reply:

    "Problem? Looks like you have a problem here sir/madam. You sure you have the right place? Maybe you got a little lost? Maybe you're looking for something you're not supposed to find? Either way, just go search for it, it can't hurt."

    What happened to all my entries filed under each category? How do I get my categories to reflect them ?

    Please help.


  2. I think everyone's categories aren't working. Hopefully it gets fixed soon...

  3. oh really .... ? in that case, i'm sure the support guys are on the issue already... hope so, at least. i spent long hours tagging my stuff , it'd be a waste to see it go down the drain for no reason ...

  4. oh okay, thanks for the reply! : ) will wait for "them" to fix the problem then.

  5. nickeoaddiction

    hi, i'm facing the same problem too, just want u to noe ur not the only one.

  6. nickeoaddiction

    and pulpoid, i can't view ur page when i click on ur link, any idea why? it just directs me back to the wordpress homepage. There are no problems with other links i click.

  7. yep, i'm having the same 'category' problem except that my error says something like "404 cant find page", also pulpoid - i tried to click your link and got the same result as nickeoaddiction.

  8. All my categories seem to have mysteriously dissapeared.
    I had something like 12 categories this morning, and now they're all gone...

  9. There are widespread problems today (categories, images, headers, etc.) and staff are working on fixing them. It's possible your blog has been impacted by them. Please be patient while staff work to rectify the situation. :)

  10. Has this happened before?

    I'm pretty new to wordpress.

  11. Occasionally thing happen on any blog hosting platform but "no" this is not common here.

  12. prettymuchamazing

    Categories aren't being added to my blog posts (
    Also my blogroll disappeared, are those to problems linked together?


  13. I repeat from above:
    There are widespread problems today (categories, images, headers, etc.) and staff are working on fixing them. It's possible your blog has been impacted by them. Please be patient while staff work to rectify the situation. :)

    Please do not post into more than one thread on this as it simply makes more work for volunteers. :)

    Also note that it is wise to include a link to your blog when you do post as staff may need it.

  14. nickeoaddiction: hmmm, I have no idea why you can't click onto my blog .... is it still not working now? cos i tried clicking on the link and it seems fine so far ...

  15. timethief: thanks for following up : ) appreciate it! hope it gets fixed reeeeally soon!

  16. oh... update. the categories seem to be working fine on my blog now .... not sure about other blogs affected though.... should I change the status of this thread to "Resolved"? or wait for everyone to signal ok?

  17. Matt is also asking for specifics to get everyone running in the following thread, so if you mark this as resolved, people can still post in:


  18. nickeoaddiction

    to pulpoid: yes i still can't view your site. It directs me to the hompage.

    and my categories are back, but the post are filed under the wrong categories.

  19. to nickeoaddiction: hmmm maybe if you just re-typed the blog address into the address field and hit enter? maybe it will work? my friends have no problems logging in though.

  20. @pulpoid
    Your blog url is re-directing to the homepage for me too. I'm thinking that you may like to check just in case your blog setting has changed to "private".
    -> Options -> Privacy ->
    Privacy Options
    Blog visibility:
    ___I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around
    ___I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors
    ___I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose
    -> Update Options to save

  21. @nickeoaddiction
    Please post your categories problem into this thread

  22. timethief: hi there! yup, I double checked my settings and I did check the first box ie. least privacy. maybe if you tried typing the entire blog address into the address field? i don't seem to have any problem accessing it even if i'm not logged on....

  23. Mark has been dealing with this issue here

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