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    I switched my categories widget to a drop down menu, which I do like, but it is wider than my side column. I know this is because one of my categories has a longer name, but I was wondering if there was any way to remedy this aside from changing the category name.


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    The only other remedy is switching to a theme that restricts the dropdown box to the width of the sidebar (unfortunately I don’t remember which themes do that). But what I would suggest is forget the dropdown option: it only makes sense when you’ve got a very long list of categories.

    By the way, re your use of tags: note that if you use more than a combined total of 12 categories and tags in a post, you get excluded from the global wp pages.


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    My opinion would be to shorten that category name. These categories “art journaling” “journaling and related art” “ATCs” could well be separate categories which would function differently for readers to find your blog.

    To make your own decision, look at what the tags bring up when you do a wp tag search: vs
    One shows lots of folk talking about art journaling, while the other shows only you talking about “art-journaling-and-related-artwork”

    Also watch your stats for which terms people search to find you. This info is more interesting than the raw stats about how many hits you get. (In my opinion)

    Besides attracting readers, your categories help you to organize your own blog, and if you need the long title for that purpose, then maybe you could use abbreviations.

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