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Categories empty

  1. I've problems with my posts... They don't show in Categories...(categories empty)

  2. I see your posts within categories on your blog. Even counts them.

  3. Yes, only for Architecture/Design, Emploi, Lecture, Musique and Photographie/Art.
    But for Hi-Tech (Téléphonie, Internet…)[37 posts],Marketing/Communication [11 posts] and /Entertainement [5 posts] they don't show(categories empty). Why ?

  4. Hmm..Seems to work now..

  5. No

  6. Chronotron, try clicking on some of the categories along the right hand side. You'll see the issue that way.

    You're having other issues with your blog. Every time I click on a link, the CSS is changing. That shouldn't be happening either.

    I'm noticing that any category that 6 or more posts is causing the issue. (Emploi has 5 and works fine. Tv/Entertainement has 6 and is broken) That shouldn't effect it as you appear to have it set up for 10 posts per page.

    But it is....

    Does this happen when you change themes?

    edit: It's strange as Contempt works on mine fine. With the CSS messing up on your site, I'm wondering if maybe you have a bad install or something.

  7. I'm a new blogger...
    The problem appear with all themes.
    For the bad install... i don't understand.
    I don't use WordPress V2.0 or other.
    And for the CSS... ????

    Thanks for your support

  8. It's ok now... i don't understand


  9. *chuckle* I wonder how it got fixed as well.


  10. I'm having the same problem... My posts are not appearing in their categories. If you click on any of the category links, even where it says "Filed under XXXX" on the post itself, you are taken to a page that says, "Sorry, but the page you requested cannot be found." I have 8 posts in the one category and 1 in the other. What's the deal?

  11. Well, it's probably moot since you've already signed off on your blog but may I suggest sending in a feedback on the issue to have someone take a look at it? Also have you tried changing themes?

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