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    Hi Community

    I’m pretty new in WordPress, and i got a couples of questions.

    First of all i want to sort my Blogroll with different Mother and Child elements.

    Heres an example how i mean it.
    Categorie A Friends and Neighbours (links to my pals)
    Categorie B Music I listen to (links to Arcade Fire, Tortoise)
    Categorie C Media i like (links to, Pitchfork)

    And so on. Is it possibble to do that with the standard WordPress Version or do i need an additional plugin.

    Thanks in advance for your help



    We don’t use plugins at If you’re self-hosted, you need to be at for help.

    If you have a blog, what’s the url please?


    Sorry wrong website

    Note to myself: read before asking questions



    Not a problem. Happy blogging.

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