Categories into "pages" but not really?

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    I know the difference between categories and pages. Pages being statics…. I’m using itheme2 @ and wanted to know how to have both pages and categories tabs on the top so that I can have different posts go to multiple pages? (i.e. keep my about me page static, but have a destinations category…that then scrolls down to different sub categories….?)

    I am positive this has already been discussed so sorry for the repeat question. Could someone direct me to that link…or explain it me? I’ve looked everywhere and the directions seems confusing to me….

    Can anyone recommend a link that has step by step instructions?


    The blog I need help with is


    Create a custom menu and you can put categories into it and also create dropdowns with the subcategories of your choice on them.



    How do I put the “custom menu”…at the top where the pages are also? or is that what you mean…that includes pages? Sorry if these are easy questions….


    After creating and saving the menu, then you select that menu name from the primary menu pulldown in the theme locations module at top left of the custom menu page and then click the save button.



    I feel silly for not figuring it out earlier~! Thank you for your help.


    You are welcome and no need to feel silly.

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