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    Since a few days, if you click on ‘categories’ under one of my posts, it will direct you to BLOGS ABOUT, not to MY posts in that categories no more… anyone who can help?

    The blog I need help with is



    if you wanna try and see what i mean:


    Yes we know what you mean. Categories and tags in your sidebar or bottombar link to your posts. Categories and tags under/over a post link to the global WP pages. That’s the way things work (not since a few days). The only way to avoid that, if you don’t like it, is select the middle privacy option under Settings>Privacy.


    Funny that samdurrant should have opened up this topic. It has been an irritant to me for a long time and I just decided to raise the question. The middle privacy option blocks search engines, from which I get half of my traffic according to the blog stats, so it is not an option for me. I don’t think that wordpress should say just that that is the way things work. It is illogical to show “filed under …” which shows the category in the blog, and then have it mean something entirely different when you click on it. My blog is using the Simpla theme.



    That is the way WordPress.COM blogs work. It’s not the way WordPress.ORG works, so there are other options for a blogger.

    I don’t know exactly the reasoning that led them to do things this way, although I speculate community-building played a part, but I can tell you that the SEO boost is enormous compared to independently-hosted blogs. It’s not a minor effect, either: Google’s probably got a contract out on Matt’s life. So it is not without benefit to you. Part of the reason those search engines are finding you is that the tags and categories are set up this way.


    @countryepicure: Please note that I (and now raincoaster) said “that’s the way things work”, not WP. We volunteers here are fellow bloggers, not staff. (A staff response wouldn’t say “Member” under the username.)



    In other words, we’re not here to make excuses for WordPress; we are just here to tell you how things do work here, and how to work around whatever technical issues you encounter.


    Thank you, raincoaster, for the reply, but I don’t think I get any search engine hits from my categories. I seldom use tags, which may be a mistake. I get most of my hits because my post titles are very specific and because there is unique content in the text.


    Categories and tags are exactly the same as far as search engines are concerned. And I do get some hits from them.



    You do not understand: the SEO bonus is not through category or tag searches. The SEO bonus is because of the following:

    Every time anyone on uses a tag or category, it counts as a link to the global tag or category page. This makes that single page HUGELY important in search engine rankings; A pagerank of 7 or 8, say. And it counts as a link from that hugely important page back to yours.

    THAT is where the SEO comes from. It boosts your pagerank, and thus raises you in search engine standings. This is not a minor effect. I’ve seen plenty of day-old blogs here hit the front page of Google for common search terms. I’ve never seen an independently-hosted blog do the same. And the tag/category setup is probably the single most important reason for that.


    Well that is a very interesting explanation and I appreciate it. It surely explains some of my SE success. But I would still like the option of having my category show up when one clicks on it below my post. I understand that is not your domaine. Thanks to both of you for your work as volunteers.



    Yes that would make more sense. countryepicure is right, it says ‘filed under’ so it should direct you to YOUR category.



    @ panaghiotisadam:

    I changed it and it does what i want it to now. Thank you very much.

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