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Categories Links in Sideboard open in 404 page

  1. The problem with sideboard list of categories is on and off (mostly on) for about two weeks. When I click on categories (or subcategories) in my sideboard I get a "404 Page Not Found Sorry".

    Well, at least I can get it via my dashboard-manage categories, but my readers cannot.

  2. See here:
    Change the editable part of your permalinks into english, contact support if the problem persists.

  3. Thanks for links. But changing to English? You mean I should change Russian names of categories in a Russian-language blog into English? Ridiculous!

    What is there to change in what part of the category? - There's just its name (and that should be in Russian in my case) and its description (I have none). There is nothing else to change.

    Well, I see now that I am supposed to contact Support.

  4. No, of course I don't mean you should change the names of your categories. I mean you should go to Manage Posts and click on the title of each post; when the post editor opens, below the title of the post you'll see its permalink, which is like that:
    You must change the blablabla part of it into English, clicking the Edit button that lies next to it.

  5. Panaghioti,
    I seem to have a similar problem, my viewers wrote me that an erron 404 appears in some of my posts and they can't make a comment, I checked it myself and the same error pops when trying to read older comments. What should I do? I'm new and my blog is in greek. Thanks in advance..

  6. I have the same problem!
    It shows to me that I have publications in my categories, but when I click on the category, I get the same mistake - Error 404 - No Publications Were Found......

  7. bluster2 & babymuse: the problem appeared about two weeks ago and affects blogs written in languages with non-latin characters (happens to every greek blog I checked, but many simply haven't noticed it yet). Change the editable part of your permalinks into English, as I suggest above, then contact support (they must fix your blogs manually). These are the two steps I was advised to take; I did, and everything works fine in my blog now.

  8. Why the f**k should I change them into English? Mine were numerical and the WP Support fixed it (the 404 problem) but the fix came with a bug, so all numerical slugs were turned into gibberish. I've already spent the whole day on changing all 434 permalinks back to having numerical slugs.

    But the bug added another problem - names of most categories start with a small letter now, while some remained with capital first letters. AND, I cannot change cmall ones into capital ones. How's that?

  9. Contact staff AGAIN. They are able to fix it all at once, but you won't be able to. You would have to fix things one at a time, which is obviously a pain.

  10. Well, I've been in pain all day long yesterday and several hours today all because the staff said they can't fix it (quote "it cannot be reversed" what they did to my categories). I hope staff doesn't change my permalinks again.

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