Categories Lost when assigning them a Parent Category.

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    I had noticed that some subcategory assignments I made before the recent change weren’t showing up correctly so I went into the category manager and started editing them to assign them to a parent category.

    However, when the page refreshes the edited category is now missing. Is this suppose to happen now that we have tags OR is this a problem?


    I’ve been having something of the same problem too. (

    I have a feeling I’m going to have to recategorise everything and retag right from the beginning, but I can’t even delete the subcategories that have vanished (they still appear in some places, like as tags.)

    Hope it gets resolved soon. =(



    Same issue. Most of the categories that formerly worked properly at show up under the posts as tags.
    When giving them a parent they disappear, presumably getting sucked into “tag world”.




    Has the support staff taken a look at this? Just wondering as I would like to re-organize things and I don’t want to have things disappear while I’m moving them.



    Same issue. I stupidly just created another thread for it…

    The categories seem to be a real mess. You can retreive the sub categories by deleting the parent category. But, if you happen to edit the post, all the sub-categories it had are unassigned! Arghh!



    Update: Some of the problem seems to be resolved (thank you!) – categories that have been assigned a parent now show up on the category page, and on the post-writing page. However, on my actual blog, where the listing of categories is supposed to be hierarchical (I’ve selected this on the presentation -> widgets page), only one sub-category shows where it should. The rest are there, but not under their parent category.



    And now the problem above has been resolved, too – thanks!


    I have a problem. When I place a post via ‘blogdesk’ and tick the boxes of categories my post needs to go into – that works fine and when I publish my post that works fine again.

    My problem is that none of my posts appear visible in the categories for readers to view. Therefore unless they click on my blog – they would not know that I have placed a post.

    Any advice please? and yes I have asked support for their assistance too.


    The above problem now rectified.

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