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    The categories on my blog are messed up again.

    When looking at my blog in a web browser, the order is now random and the number of posts is incorrect.


    Just some more details on this. In my dashboard, all the organization regarding category parents has disappeared. I tried to re-parent them but it doesn’t seem to work.

    I add a parent to a category and it seems to re-align. However, when I re-parent the next category it kicks out the one I had done previously so it doesn’t have a parent again.




    We will get this checked and fixed – sorry!
    You have our email from the last time we broke these for you so if you want to send something in telling us how we can make it look correct then by all means please do.


    OK, thanks for the response. I sent an e-mail basically re-iterating what I wrote here.




    I have the same problem on my blogs: and, please help. Thanks!



    Same problem here:
    When I first looked at the catgories list, there were parent categories and subcategories and, strange thing, all the subcategories also listed as normal categories. I tried to fix it, but instead, they all got “un”-parented at once and everytime I try to reorganize them, they change back after a while.
    I’d be glad if that could be fixed; thank you in advance!



    Also having this problem, new this morning – About half of the subcategories in the “Speaker” category seem to have jumped out of their parent, and I can’t put them back. All the people should have the parent “Speaker”, and all the organizations should have the parent “Sponsor/Organization” . The only unparented cats should be “listen for panel”, “Blogroll”, “link broken”, and “Other”.



    This issue and related categories issues appear to be cropping up in another forum thread as well.



    Same issue is there with my blog …. all categories being flat.


    Same issue: categories messed up and I lost some of them. See:



    It appears staff may have a handle on this. Give it an hour or so and see if things straighten out.


    Thank you so much, It is working now.




    Do you guys by any chance have Custom CSS? My Categories in the sidebar went all wonky when they did the tag introduction. I’m wondering if it’s standard themes that are getting borked, or just the custom ones.



    Here’s the scoop on our foul up. A bug was stomping your category parent settings. The bug was with us for a few hours before we in turn stomped it. To fix the damage it did, we have a couple options. If you had just a handful of categories that lost their parents, the fastest fix is for you to fix them by hand, alas. Now that the bug is gone your categories won’t be reset again after you fix them. If you have lots of categories that were affected, we can restore your categories from backup. This fixes them all in one fell swoop, but can result in losing new categories and tags you’ve created since the last backup. The backup can be up to a day old. I’ve been restoring from backup for those of you with lots of affected categories who haven’t added any new categories or tags since the last backup. If you’ve added just a few cats and tags since the backup, I’ve also been restoring and then putting your new cats and tags back in so that everything is fixed and up-to-date. Some of you have added a whole bunch of cats and tags since the last backup, so it’s going to take a little longer for me to fix everything without losing your new categories. If your categories are still busted and fixing them by hand is not reasonable, please contact support and I will make things right as soon as I can. I’m very sorry we broke your categories.



    Same story here. I just spent close to an hour re-categorizing them and when I was subing some of them, the subs would disappear instead of showing up under the parent category. Could someone restore the table please? :D

    Lucky me I haven’t added categories in a while. Do I need to open a ticket? Because Support is closed.



    dave1973, I just fixed yours. I’ve fixed most people on this thread, a couple more to go.



    Thank you Key Master :D



    In my blog, I reordered my categories and it is now totally messed up. All I tried to do was :

    I had 50 different categories. I tried to organize them by splitting them into 5 parent categories and 10 sub categories under each parent.

    Now in my Dashboard, I see ONLY my parent category and all the sub categories have gone missing. And all the post counts in his parent category say zero.

    But in my actual blog page, I can see ONLY the subcategories and the PARENT seems to be missing.

    What do I do now? I checked the XML file for my blog and in there, everything seems ot be alright. NO CLUE WHAT TO DO NOW.


    Staff is monitoring this thread and will fix it for you. It may take a few hours or so since I don’t know if Ryan or Mark are awake or not, but they will get to it for you.



    Thank you !

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