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Categories Messed Up

  1. michaellockshin

    I am having the same problem with categories (still.) First the hierarchy worked. The next day it became flat and the sub-categories were not listed. Then I renamed categories in hierarchy order. It worked. Then it worked again and I renamed some of the sub-categories. But have been unable to rename all of them. I get the error Category not updated! I have sent 3 emails to support with no response at all. Can you help? I have noticed references to bugs fixed and not fixed and will be fixed ASAP (2 days ago.)

    The blog is:

    theme white as milk. Windows XP professional, IE7

  2. countryepicure

    My categories are still a mess. I tried to fix them by hand and that made them disappear from the blog, although they are still in the categories list.

  3. hello there.
    don't know if this is related but my recent post isn't showing in the blogs about page for most of the tags used.

  4. My categories are also messed up in the hierarchy area. There are too many to fix manually and would appreciate you fixing them.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Lo

  5. Hello Again,

    I first noted about my messed up categories about a day ago. I have over 50 categories ehich I tried to organize into 5 PARENT categories with 10-12 Subcategories each. When I tried doing that, all my categories have gotten messed up. In my dashboard, the subcategories have gone missing, and in the main page the parent categories are missing.

    I am unable to write any posts because of this coz when I am in the edit page, there are NO CATEGORIES visible to put the post under. PLEASE HELP! I am totally stuck :(

    Thanks a ton.

  6. @ode2food
    Please post the url for your blog so staff can locate it and help you. :)

  7. Hello!

    Members and Key masters who have responded to me and helped me so far, I have to say thank you so much! The problem seems to have been solved just a minute ago!!

    You guys are really prompt, thanks for that.


  8. vladimirzakharov

    mine still messed up

  9. michaellockshin

    I still can not edit the sub-categories - has anyone on the staff looked at the site

    The blog is:
    theme white as milk. Windows XP professional, IE7

    Unlike ode2food I have received no communication or help at all and I still have the problem.

    Thank you for your attention to this problem.

  10. michaellockshin

    I have been able to edit 2 sub-categories but not all 4 that I want to change. Would appreciate some help.

    The blog is:

  11. Add my blog to the category disasters. I'd love it if you could fix them from backup :).

  12. countryepicure

    When I looked this morning, I saw that some of my upper hierarchy categories had been restored. So I went in and manually reinserted parents in all the orphan categories and now it is okay. But it was a hassle.

  13. @countryepicure
    Well hopefully it won't happen again, but at least staff was able to save everyone some work. Glad things are back to normal for you. Happy blogging.

  14. OK, my categories are back! (Hope it's not a temporary thing... =P)

    Anyway, thanks to everyonewho has helped in my problem!!! And sorry if I had 'acted' like a brat in the forum threads... =P

  15. vladimirzakharov

    Still no fix for my blag :\ :/

  16. michaellockshin

    Still no fix for my blog also. And I can't add new sub categories. Can anyone tell me why this has been happening?

  17. michaellockshin

    The 2 new sub-categories I tried to add but could not a few hours ago have mysteriously appeared and so I have re-categorized the blogs and the hierarchy in the way I want it. However, I still have no answer why categories and sub-categories keep mysteriously appearing, disappearing, are able to be edited, are not able to be edited, are able to be added, are not able to be added and would like some assurance that this will not happen randomly in the future.

    Thank you.

  18. vladimirzakharov

    Doesn't seem to me the staff is monitoring anything here :\

  19. Just because they have not responded in this thread does not mean they are not there. Also, Mark is in the UK, so there is the time difference. If it isn't corrected by tomorrow, contact staff directly using the "support" tab in your dashboard or going here: . Their hours are 9a-5p Pacific, M-F).

  20. Hi,
    I've managed to manually re-categorise my list on, but now a problem has cropped up: after completing my re-categorisation, I tried to put some categories under a new parent and they have have disappeared. The affected categories are Asia, Singapore, Dogs, Cats. These categories were all root categories unaffected by the categorisation problem. Please assist to return them to visibility.

    Interestingly, in my manual re-categorisation, categories that were previously child cats were able to be tagged to their parents successfully.


  21. Please ignore my last post, the affected cats have re-appeared. Thanks.

  22. @calsifer
    Glad to hear they have reappeared.

  23. vladimirzakharov

    I would gladly contact "directly", but 9am-5pm PDT is 20pm-4am MOSCOW time, which is far beyond MY working time. If I found any kind of a standard "leave a ticket" page, I wouldn't even think of raising this problem in the forum.

  24. @vladimir
    That is a problem so let's hope staff will take a look at this thread and get things straightened out for you.

  25. michaellockshin

    I contacted staff directly through the support email and have never received an answer. I have posted to this forum asking for an answer and have never received any communication. (I noted my blog url, my theme, operating system, explorer version and email for response.) The category problem appears and disappears quite randomly and I would like assurance that it is finally and completely fixed for my blog.

  26. michaellockshin

    Tried to delete a sub-category - doesn'd delete and this appeared in the Add Category box below the list of categories.

    AJAX is teh b0rked.

  27. HUGE problems at please help me out! I can't add or delete sub categories or rearrange them. It all messed up the other day.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. @inquirer
    Staff do monitor these forums, and it may be that someone will have it fixed before tomorrow morning, but if they don't, contact support and give them the details including your user name, complete blog URL and email address used to sign up for your blog. (9am-5pm Pacific, Mon-Fri)

  29. @michaellockshin
    Is this still a problem? If so, try logging out of wordpress, clearing your cache and cookies and then logging back in. Do be aware that the sidebar widgets are cached, and it may take up to a few hours for the category to disappear from the category widget.

  30. michaellockshin

    Thanks for asking. Yesterday I cleared the cache, cookies and history. Just now tried to edit an existing subcategory but still get "! category not updated" message. Hierarchy remains fine but of course I am reluctant to try anything with categories in case the hierarchy gets messed up again. I emailed support yesterday (during open hours) and have not received any reply (4th email so far.)

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