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    You’re most welcome.



    Categories need fixing here (, I don’t feel like manually clicking 235 of them to fix ;) Would be nice if you could check a bunch of them and set parent category in 1 swoop, but that’s not the case. Thank you.

    #156928 same with me. I had one root category (“Music”), two subcategories (“By genre” and “By artist”) and all others distributed by these two. Please fix it.

    Guys, this thing really annoys me (and I believe not only me) – this is the second time WP breaks all the categories structure. I welcome the tags addition (though I find it very strange that clicking on a “categorized as” link redirects to***, and not to MY posts in this category), but everything’s messed up after you introduced them.

    I understand this is the way things sometimes go when adding a new feature, but you please understand us too, for me personally all my blog is about categories.

    Thanks and hope you’ll get things done, I believe you can.



    It’s working again! Thank you so much! :D



    Hello! My categories have not been fixed yet. Just giving feedback. Thanks for working on all our cases.



    Sorry if this means extra trouble, but my categories are all screwed up too!

    Please help.



    I would love to have you reset my categories, too. Some of them went flat yesterday, and then I tried to add and rearrange some others, and now they are nearly all messed up—several categories have completely disappeared. Thanks in advance for the help!




    I won’t mind fixing my cats manually but since I’m afraid of not being able to fix them properly, I’d take the backup route. Please adjust the categories on my blog via backup, I’ll take my chances for any changes I may have made recently (shouldn’t be too many).

    I would also like to concur with above member wrt redirection of tags to the main wp blog instead of individual’s own blog. Though I can understand the reasons behind this design (more networking between the bloggers I guess, which is a good thing) but it basically leaves the use of tags less useful than categories. However, I’m glad you introduced the tags after all.

    Many Thanks.



    I believe I have forgotten to add this:


    My categories are also all over the place. They have since reapppeared, but are no longer grouped into sub-categories. Except now, when I’ve tried to recategorise, the chosen category has been deleted/just disappeared!
    Please help!!!


    I am having the same problem with categories (still.) First the hierarchy worked. The next day it became flat and the sub-categories were not listed. Then I renamed categories in hierarchy order. It worked. Then it worked again and I renamed some of the sub-categories. But have been unable to rename all of them. I get the error Category not updated! I have sent 3 emails to support with no response at all. Can you help? I have noticed references to bugs fixed and not fixed and will be fixed ASAP (2 days ago.)

    The blog is:

    theme white as milk. Windows XP professional, IE7


    My categories are still a mess. I tried to fix them by hand and that made them disappear from the blog, although they are still in the categories list.



    hello there.
    don’t know if this is related but my recent post isn’t showing in the blogs about page for most of the tags used.


    My categories are also messed up in the hierarchy area. There are too many to fix manually and would appreciate you fixing them.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Lo



    Hello Again,

    I first noted about my messed up categories about a day ago. I have over 50 categories ehich I tried to organize into 5 PARENT categories with 10-12 Subcategories each. When I tried doing that, all my categories have gotten messed up. In my dashboard, the subcategories have gone missing, and in the main page the parent categories are missing.

    I am unable to write any posts because of this coz when I am in the edit page, there are NO CATEGORIES visible to put the post under. PLEASE HELP! I am totally stuck :(

    Thanks a ton.



    Please post the url for your blog so staff can locate it and help you. :)




    Members and Key masters who have responded to me and helped me so far, I have to say thank you so much! The problem seems to have been solved just a minute ago!!

    You guys are really prompt, thanks for that.



    mine still messed up


    I still can not edit the sub-categories – has anyone on the staff looked at the site

    The blog is:
    theme white as milk. Windows XP professional, IE7

    Unlike ode2food I have received no communication or help at all and I still have the problem.

    Thank you for your attention to this problem.


    I have been able to edit 2 sub-categories but not all 4 that I want to change. Would appreciate some help.

    The blog is:

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