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Categories Messed Up

  1. vladimirzakharov

    Still no fix or a mere feedback (now i've also tried the support page)

  2. vladimirzakharov

    Thanks Ryan for restoring my categories.

    Can you guys tell what's the reason they sometimes get messed up? Is it probable that this will repeat in future?

  3. I have some weirdness on my blog where stuff is going into a category called "24924" even though I deleted all the categories and migrated to tags. I think this may be caused by either Windows Live Writer or ecto, but I'm not sure, and I'd love to get rid of this rogue category...

  4. calhoununderground

    My categories went bye-bye a couple weeks ago, but I didn't think it would be PERMANENT! But I see now it is. I desperately need a fix! My local news is mixed up with my national news and my humor and fiction is mixed up with serious reality. It is nearly impossible to find the right category to put the right post under! If I have to redo the organization of an entire years worth of articles, I'll be at it until NEXT year! HELP!!!

  5. Yep, I've got subcategory problems myself; they aren't lined up under the parent category like I thought they would be. I've heard this can be corrected manually, but darned if I know how.

    AZ Dawn

  6. calhoununderground

    3 hours of work fixed MOST of the problem, but some of the DATED posts are still out of order within their parent categories. At least they are dated....

  7. I'm a newbie. Nothing I list or add as a "category" is showing up on my blog. I see I'm not alone is this. What to do? Is this a long term inexplicable problem? I'm at

  8. You have to write posts and assign them to the categories before they will show up in the category widget.

  9. I also have a problem with categories. I fouled up somehow and now I have a double of 'uncategorized' and I can't get rid of the duplicate. I've tried everything, even deleting all my categories. It makes my blog look messy.

  10. sorry to jump on the band waggon, but I appear to have the same problems. Just tried deleting most of my categories and re-creating them, but I can't even do that, have managed to create one or two new categories, but the older ones are still visible on my blog, whilst not being listed in the categories management window, so I can't do anything about them?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  11. Hi, I'm trying to make a parent category, and it's not showing up on my sidebar. The subcategories are just listing as regular categories on the side.
    The parent category is Paintings, and I'd like Recent Paintings, and Paintings 2007 to be the subs.

    I'm at


  12. Hi, I'm trying to update a category, but whenever I try to do so, "Category not updated" appears. What's happening? Thanks.

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