Categories no longer show *my* posts?

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    I just noticed that, if I assign a *category* – not a tag – to a post, then click it on my blog, it takes me to the WordPress URL for that tag. Surely this is not right? Categories should list all the posts on my blog for that category, while tags should go to the WordPress tag search?

    For example, if you go to and click the ‘copywriting’ category link below it, I would expect it to go to, because I specifically assigned it to that *category*, not that *tag*. Instead, it goes to, that is, the tag search instead of the category.

    This strikes me as dumb. I always understood the difference between categories and tags to be that categories were blog-specific but tags were for wider searches? Unless it’s me that’s being dumb here?



    The differences between tags and categories are fairly minor and I think that’s the way they’re supposed to work. I know on my blog if I assign a category (or a tag) to a post and I click on the category, it takes me to the WordPress tag page, not to the category page of my blog. That’s the way it’s always worked for me, since before tags; the only way I’ve been able to get to categories on my blog is through the categories widget.

    You think your blog never used to do that? Have you made any changes to your blog, changed your theme, etc? Some people have reported differences in how tags are used on different themes. Also was your blog ever listed as blocking search engines under Dashboard > Options > Privacy? When the search engines are blocked it also blocks your listings from around WP, so if you’ve recently allowed search engines to start indexing your blog, your category links might now be going to the WP tag pages as well. Or the introduction of tags might have changed that.

    I’m not sure if that helps much, but I can say that’s how categories and tags have always worked for me. So it’s probably something in the settings of your blog that have changed… this thread might help you as well.



    I guess it’s the default behavior for WP. Since I reg’d here, any time I click on the Category of a post, it takes me to the global tagsearch. But clicking on a category on the Category widget takes me to that category page on my blog.



    they’re called global tags, and there is tons of stuff in the forum about them:

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