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    I am trying to build a private blog. It seems that my categories do not appear when in private mode.
    My goal is to build blog that only my board members can access.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    When you say that your categories do not appear, do you mean that they don’t show up on each post as being the category for that post, or do you mean that they don’t show up on your category widget, or are you wanting them on your menu? Tell us where and how you want your categories to appear and the volunteers here can probably help.



    When I make a post public I see it appear in the category widget. When I make private when I login I do not see in category widget.

    Will explore menu but have not touched that yet.

    What I am looking to do is create a site where I can quickly post items of interest for only 12 people to access, see and comment or post as well.



    Look for any recommendations on best way to set up. I have 4 -6 categories with 2-6 sub categories and want 12 people to see the post by categories



    A private post can be used in a public blog. When the whole blog is private, you don’t make the posts private as well.

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