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Categories not applied to posts on import

  1. Hi,
    I'm migrating my site from to and went through the Tools -> Export then Tools -> Import process. Posts, comments, categories, even media content all appears to have come over just fine. The issue though is that while the Categories are present in the Category list... no posts are assigned to them. They all show as 'uncategorized'.

    This appears to have happened recently for someone else as well:

    The contact support site is down at the moment so perhaps someone here can help???


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I'm sorry but Staff are temporarily unavailable. When they are available again you can us this link to contact them about your export/import issue.

    I will also flag this thread so it gets Staff attention.

  3. Bump.
    Thanks timethief... I checked the contact form again but hard to say what "we'll be back soon" means. Anyone have an idea how to resolve this? I'm tempted to import again but concerned I'll just end up with duplicate everything.

  4. I would NOT import again. It does seem that there are export/import issues as this is what we see here > We Volunteers do not have clue what's going on with Staff. We have no idea when they will open the support link.

  5. Support should be opened back up now. Please open a support ticket using the link referenced above, include a link to this thread, and note that I asked you to make sure the ticket was raised to my attention. I'm working on some importer stuff and would like to use your import to test. (If my test works, I can also help you import into your real blog.)

  6. Awesome. Ticket raised. Thank you.

  7. I had the same thing happen a few days ago as well. Imported from to and lost all categories & tags in the process.

  8. Please submit a support ticket

  9. Dllh was able to get me up and running after I raised a ticket! Thanks folks!

  10. tnsolarfarmmom

    Thanks, JJ, I did submit a ticket. Just thought it would encourage other that may have had similar problems. It sure helped me to find this thread.

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