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    When I create a link, or “bookmark” as they are now called, it will not get a category assigned to it. I’ve tried creating categories from inside the bookmark manager, and also through the normal manage -> categories page.

    I’ve gone through it trying to create it in a category, and trying to assign it to a category after I create the bookmark. Either way I do it, it will not have a category in the category table on the bookmarks page, and thus will not show up on my blog’s page.

    I’ve read through some of the other threads with problems similar to this, and none of the solutions have worked.



    Sorry to say tis post is not a solution. But, yeah, i got the same prob too. And i am assuming that because of this my link does not appear in my side bar. been trying everything but to no avail. Any1 pls help!



    Sorry, this is a bug. We hope to fix it sometime tomorrow.



    This is fixed now. If you send a feedback in it will be sorted out :)



    If it’s still not working, I wrote up a checklist as well that you might want to double check against.

    Hope this helps,

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