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    I just started a free blog so please be patient with this newbie. I have 3 areas with my categories listed in the theme I’m using. Right and Left sidebar categories work as expected but the set of categories at the bottom in the middle column have links to places outside my blog. I’d like to delete part of that section entirely from all pages but that means CSS editor and I’m not ready for that.

    This is the section I want to behave: (Italics and bold)

    January 29, 2010
    <I><B>Categories: Boys Basketball, General Discussions, Girls Basketball, Nature Sports . . </I></B>
    Author: Roger . Comments: 2 Comments Edit this entry

    Is there a way to make categories respond so when someone clicks on a category it always goes to MY categories like on the left/right sidebars rather than jumping off to some unrelated page?

    The blog I need help with is


    That’s the way blogs work: categories and tags in your sidebar link to your posts, categories and tags in the post metadata link to the global wp pages. And that’s good for your traffic. You can turn the feature off if you select the middle option in Settings> Privacy.



    The global links are confusing but probably helpful for traffic. Thanks for your help.

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