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Categories not showing

  1. I've got the same problem these two days, too! Some categories were not shown, while some deleted categories were still shown in the category column at the bottom! What to do?

  2. Sorry that I didn't leave my link:

  3. Here is a little joke, I found:

  4. I have the same problem with my blog, - only two categories show up in the links widget.

  5. My blogroll is back. Thank you very much, guys.

  6. I have the same problem whit the categories

  7. My blogroll is back too, but my categories are not: each post shows a number of categories that is exactly the number of original categories, but the cat. are not those I assigned to each post, they appear to be sorted randomly from my cat. Very strange.

  8. I still can't add categories to some existing posts.

    i.e. added 'technology' to this one and it's won't display.

  9. mascomoeuiadizendo

    nothing works: i can´t add categories, they´re not showing, the links i can add, but they´re also not showing...
    and i just created my blog yesterday!
    any idea when this will be fixed?

  10. Thanks for getting my blogroll fixed

  11. nickeoaddiction

    hi, im nickeo. Timethief has advised me to post my problem here.
    Initially my categories also had the "Error 404" problem, now they are back in order.
    But I have encountered another problem, that is, my posts are sometimes filed under the wrong categories.
    For example post no.1 is supposed to be filed under category A, but it's filed under category B instead.
    Sometimes I find it back at category A, but after some moments when I check back again its filed under category B. And the passwords I've preset for that particular post won't work because it has now been filed under a different category.
    I've tried renaming them but they appear all right for a moment and then they screw up again.

    hope u wont mind my tirade =]

    my link:

  12. Hi I've got the same problem with my blog. Some "empty" categories are showing up on my side bar while the populated ones are not. The problem seems to go away if I select the option "Show Post Count", but I don't want that option on. Thanks.

  13. Still not fixed as some others have reported. I have blogroll categories missing and the few that show up are incomplete. Also, I add categories to posts but they show up as Uncategorized.

  14. I'm having problems, too. My tag cloud is missing about half of my categories, and those same missing categories aren't showing up on the posts. For instance, a post currently on my front page about a Phillies-Rockies game should have the "sports" tag, but it's showing that it's uncategorized. A post called "Back to School" should be tagged both Food and Beer, but only the Food tag is appearing. My blogroll seems fine.

  15. May as well add my blog to the list of blogs having problems:

    I just posted a new post and only some categories show up in the post. But when I go back to the edit screen, all the categories show up correctly.

  16. Add on: if I try to choose a category from the dropdown menu, I encounter an "Error 404".
    Moreover, as nickeo said, sometimes categories appear to be correct and sometimes wrong. I now realize that the number of categories for each post doesn't always match the number of the original ones, as I said before.

  17. titaniumkitten

    Some of the links in my blogroll are missing. Not all of them, but about 5 of them. They are still listed when I go to manage the blogroll, they just don't show up on the page itself.

  18. Hi, same problems as above. Uncategorized has 2 posts in it, but none of my posts are in uncat. All the new categories I placed my newest post are not showing up in the post. Only uncategorized.

  19. The problem does change when I show post counts on cats; the cat list shows up in the drop down and appears to work properly, but the post then lists the wrong cats (Mark Tushnet appears on most, even though I haven't assigned it), but then a reload fixes that post. Then, I'll choose another cat, and same problem -- and a reload fixes it (but only until the next category)

  20. mine started working right again a few hours ago, but now everything is messed up again in a different way.

    on the backend everything is ok. on the frontend of my blog now all categories show up, but some (the last few) messages *say* that they have no categories (which isn't right)...

  21. i just created my blog yesterday. i'm having the same issues with my blogroll too. it does not show up in my sidebar and it is also mysteriously missing from my widgets.

  22. Corrected, then uncorrected.

    My blogroll was all fixed a few hours ago, but now it is a mess again (exactly the same items in the same wrong categories as last night). And most posts remain uncategorized.

  23. hello.
    blogroll and categories missing.

  24. I'm having the same issues, 404's, uncategorized posts and only 2 categories showing.
    Thanks to the Moderation for replying and I hope this doesn't take much longer to fix.

  25. The problem I've got is that the number count next to the category name are not correct.
    Say, there is no entry in "Uncategorized" but it shows a " 3 " next to it.
    What is the problem?

    Blog url:

    Thanks for helping!

  26. bestqualitycrab

    whatever you international technicians of mystery did - it worked - my site is now back to normal.
    many many thanks.

  27. My categories arn't showing up on my blog and my posts say they are uncategorized but they are all asigned categories..

  28. Guys - it is only a blog platform. This is the time to clean out the garage, label your videos, and walk the dog. In short for 24 hours - all of us - me in particular - need to get a life and let the guys do their thing. :)

  29. Having the same problem here.

    Categories are not showing up. Categories that are newly added and/or renamed.
    From the Dashboard everything looks okay, everything is in its right place.. just not on the frontend.

    I checked them by looking through"name of my category"/ and my posts are there, so WordPress DID publish it. It's just that the categories aren't showing up on the blog..

    Blog URL:

    Thanks before!

  30. hi I can not create categories . plz help :)

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