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    I am quite careful when assigning categories (tags) to the posts in my blog, but now they show as if they were assigned at random. Also, when you search for categories (tags) into my blog, the posts that appear follow this “random” behaviour.


    Yeah, my categories are screwed.

    They appear correctly on the posts at my wordpress dashboard but if you look at the blog in a browser they are all completely wrong.

    Any advice?


    Oh, this is my blog, if it helps:

    I do appreciate any help (I hope this doesn’t seem impatient posting directly after the other post. I just noticed others included their link and thought it could help.)

    I know this will be sorted out eventually so am not too worried.




    Thanks for the additional info, it does help. Could you let me know the specific posts that aren’t working and what categories you expected there?



    I’m having the same problem. For the Sep 16th post “Can you say obsessed?” the categories chosen were Mental Illness, Borderline Personality Disorder, Perfectionism, Anxiety, Life, Personal; however, only Mental Illness is showing. Really appreciate your help! Thanks!


    Hi. Thanks for the quick response.

    Well, some of it now seems to be sorted out. Most of the posts when viewed in the browser now match up with the correct categories.

    However, on the categories list on the sidebar, some of the numbers associated with categories are way out of whack.

    For example “Hockey” shows (70) when in reality there is nowhere near that number. Also, “NHL teams” shows (36) and that again is much more than has been posted.

    Seems to be the parent categories that are showing incorrect totals.




    The blogrolls etc seem to be fixed now (thanks so much!) but now I am noticing that the comment count is wrong. My last entry ‘Someone please hold me….’ has 4 comments but the count under the heading says 1.
    Blog is



    hey !

    I’m new to i have only test post but all my testing and not-testing categories are missed , blogroll too!

    My page :

    thanks for help! I realy want to start ;)


    Hi there,

    I ve got the same problem with blogroll and categories,
    here’re new blogs I manage:

    Thanks very much indeed.


    Hi hardworking tech folks,
    Just posting my details to try and help. All my categories disappeared and were replaced by Uncategorised which displayed a 404 error. I went into my widgets control panel and added the total posts feature and my categories reappeared (with accurate totals) but I can’t get rid of uncategorised – even though it has no posts in it – although it displays a total as if it does. If I click on uncategorised I still get the 404 error.
    Good luck sorting things out!



    Categories are still not showing on most of the posts on my blog, historic ones as well as current ones. When I first looked in earlier this morning, I thought the problem had been fixed as the categories were showing on the posts but most posts are Uncategorised again now.

    It looks like this is one of the more gnarly problems.



    just to add my link too:

    all my categories that where inside a “mother” category are gone (and they are a lot). And it shows uncategorized, and I don’t have any.
    But it’s just what it shows, inside the manage catagories they are all there.

    thanks guys :)



    at my blog some categories don’t show. or better to say: they have lost their related articles on the frontend side of my blog. when i klick on some category i get the text that there are no articles in that category. in the tag cloud these categories don’t show up at all… when looking at the backend of my blog i see that all articles are connected with the right categories.

    any solution so far? my main problem is that my main category (photography) doesn’t work and it makes my blog quite useless that way…

    ps: my blogroll is also affected by that.



    @jotbewe – I think I’ve fixed your blog.



    Hi, I’ve just joined wordpress as it is considered to be better that blogspot at organising things. =)

    But I have a similar problem here. My categories aren’t working, and so do some of the other functions. I can’t even create a category.



    Geez… wish I read the forum 3 hours ago!


    I have the same issue. Categories come and go – unstable function over the post.



    Mine are still messed up; categories appear correctly under each post, but sidebar dropdown is empty (except for uncat, which generates a 404). –thanx!



    Just adding another to the mix – I have just posted a new entry, and gave it a number of categories, but it still shows up as “uncategorized”.

    However, when I go into edit the post, all the categories that I chose are still ticked – they are just not showing up when viewing the post.

    The post is called “The (Dog) House that Triton Built”. The blog is (


    My blogroll category of ‘Melbourne Food’ is not showing. My two other blogroll categories are showing (‘Food’ and ‘Photography’). Earlier this afternoon, none of the blogroll categories were showing, then ‘Photography’ was listed as ‘Recipes’ (my default category). Then I manually changed all the links back to ‘Photography’ and after a few hours ‘Photography’ fixed itself.

    But my ‘Melbourne Food’ category is still not showing.

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