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Categories not showing

  1. My categories aren't reflecting the changes I made. And also they open up to an error page.

    my blog is:

    thanks for any help

  2. bagelofeverything

    I knew you fellas would be on top of it!
    Comment counts are off as well.

  3. thinkinpictures

    I'm afraid I have several problems with categories/tags as well..

    Only one or few tags are shown in the blog than the actual ones, with which I have marked the posts..

    problems started since yesterday...

    Hope it will be fixed soon



  4. Hello! Earlier today I've put a post on my blog, titled "Sper că nu sper degeaba…", in a new created category named "Jurnalism". I see my post appearing on my blog, but it doesn't appear in the right category. Oh, category by the way that does not appear in my category list.

    My blog is:

    Thank you in advance for the help!

  5. +1 on the comments counts not showing up.
    Comments I wrote on someone else's blog did not show up on the front end (looks okay from my dashboard).

    I just imported my blog from some other place over the week-end and thought I had messed up something ^^

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  6. I've been setting up a new blog at

    Blogroll and categories counts are screwy, no matter which theme I try. So far I've tried Connections and MistyLook. I've tried deleting categories, then adding them back, and uncategorizing then recategorizing, which solved similar problems I had with another new blog back in April (using PressRow theme).

    Reload doesn't help at all. It's as if everything reloads from the same trashed cache, rather than from the database I've been editing.

  7. An update for -- some post counts are still wrong, for example the category "Transit Trivia" is listed as having 2 posts in it, although it only has 1, and "Transbay Transit Center" only has 4 posts, but is listed as 5 in the categories list. There are a couple other examples of this. One issue here is that I think for awhile yesterday, it was also counting draft, unpublished posts in that count. I removed the categories from draft posts, but the post counts have remained unchanged.

    I also am unable to create a new category and have it show up on the sidebar. Similarly, if I add a post to that new category, that change isn't acknowledged anywhere on the actual website -- either in the sidebar, or at the end of the post, where it lists the categories that are relevant to that post. The dashboard has been keeping up with all changes correctly, though.

  8. Have been seeing glitches coming and going for a couple days. Right now the categories for individual posts appear to be showing as Uncategorized. On Export XML, there is an additional user named "tiredinside" showing under the Restrict Users option. This is not a user that I should have.

  9. Link categories have gone goofy on me and

    In an attempt to simplify, I deleted all categories under my links and put them all in one category, ‘BLOGROLL‘.

    As you see, that is not what is showing on the sidebar. I do not have any categories except ‘BLOGROLL’. Crazy….it is!

    Comment counts are all at zero even when there are comments.


  10. I think the problems I'd had with categories in the sidebar and under posts appear to be fixed :-), though I notice the most recent comment counts are off (for me it's just the most recent post).

  11. I still have a lot more uncategorized than I should have. Is there any informed guess about when we will be back to normal? I won't hold it against anyone if the guess does not hold. :)

  12. Like everyone else, I'm having problems with my categories. WordPress seems to be choosing randomly amongst them, paying no attention to what I actually specify.

  13. I know about more blogs with the same problem. But they do not write about it in here.

    But surely the blogs are not to be restored one by one? 1½ million blogs - that is quite a piece of work. :-D)))

    Perhaps one should take a breake...

  14. @universalgeni
    I believe a major version upgrade may be underway. If that's the case then this thread has some suggestions in it for what to do in the meanwhile ;)

  15. The majority of my posts are missing in the appropriate categories. Comment count is incorrect. Yesterday my site was down on and off throughout the entire day. Today it is at least up consistently! Thanks for continuing to work on these things.

  16. I have the same problem..
    I can't add a category, when I try a message appears: "Something strange happened. Try refreshing the page."

    My link:

    please help

  17. Haha timethief! Thats where you got your name from! Busted!! :-D)))

  18. Nah! I got my "handle" from something else.

  19. Only registered today, and immediately have to find a solution to the problem: not to add the category. How does it work for others? Messages on the subject published in January 2007

  20. @vladbuk
    Staff need the url for your blog in order to help you.

  21. - Blogroll links disappeared from front page altogether last night. They were back as of this morning (much to my relief!). This afternoon, I added a link to one of the categories (entitled "8:05 Group 4"), but the new link didn't show up when I viewed my site. I figured I'd give it an hour or two. When I came back to the page, the entire link category had disappeared. I tried adding some links to a new category on the blogroll, but no changes showed up on the site.

    Thanks for all the work you guys are putting in on this.

  22. My posts are all categorized, but i have the same problem: "There are no categories". :(

  23. My posts are all categorized, but i have the same problem: "There are no categories". :(

    Sorry for the duplicate post!

  24. Closing this thread -- lets use this one:

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