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    I added some more categories to my blog and I cannot get them to show up.

    I also changed my blog to a new version/theme, as I don’t think my previous blog theme supported categories. Was I correct in that assumption?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you aware that a Category will not display until you publish at least one post that you have assigned that category to?



    Also note that “Uncategorized” is the default Category that displays when we do not assign a category to a post. You can set up a default Category of your own choice.


    Thanks for those tips. I was not aware that a Category will not display until I publish at least one post that I’ve assigned that category to.

    I changed my theme to the old version as categories are showing up on that theme.

    I wish I could get rid of the “Uncategorized” though.


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    Dashboard —> Settings —> Writing Settings —> Default Post Category (choose from drop-down menu) —> Save Changes

    Then Posts —> Categories —> delete “Uncategorized”


    I tried that and I do appreciate your help 1tess, but there is no “box” where I can check off to delete “Uncategorized”. At least from my view point and what I am seeing.


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    You must set another default post category before you can delete the uncategorized category.


    Can you please tell me how to do that? I still don’t think it will allow me to delete the uncategorized category since there is no square box next to that option.



    You go to Settings->Writing and select from one of your existing categories to make the default.


    This is useful information! I have an additional question under the same topic. I have published a post under a new category, but it still does not show up. Since I am just starting this blog, it is not yet public. Could the private setting be a reason why the categories do not show up?

    If that is not it, how about using an older browser that WordPress says should be upgraded? (I have to but a new computer to do that …)


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    The site linked to your name has only one uncategorized post from last March:

    Are you asking about another blog with more posts and categories? If so, then we need a link. http:// ???and so on…


    I am glad to see that private means private!

    This is a test blog I am trying out and that is why you could not see it. Here is the address:


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    The private blog setting should not affect whether a category appears or not in a cat widget. You have assigned a post to the new category? When you look at that post, are you saying that it is not categorized in your new category?

    (I asked for a link to be sure you are talking about a blog… which you are, and private is private: I am not staff and can not see your blog)


    I created two posts with different tags for each. I created a category in the drop down menu and clicked it. The posts say they were “posted in ——” and the category shows up at the bottom of the post, but on the drop down menu widget, the two categories that I created do not appear.

    That is why I was wondering if my old browser is causing the difficulty. The Archives has nothing in it, either, and I have created three posts.


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    If you create a custom menu, then you must add links. If your custom menu includes links to category pages, then each time you add a category you must edit your custom menu to include the new category page links to your menu.

    If you add a category widget to your sidebar, does that automatically update? If so, then it is acting as it should.

    But with a custom menu, the software does not automatically add tabs or drop-down items: the key word is “custom” so you must add them yourself.

    Because your blog is not visible to me, I may be misunderstanding your response. If so, please clarify.


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    In this case, custom menu and custom menu widget would perform the same way.


    I do not think I created a custom menu. I added the widget for “categories”.

    What I did was create a post, and instead of having it be “uncategorized” I added a category for that post. Then I did it for another post, creating a new category.

    I just went back to add tags to the posts that matched the categories to see if this would help, but still, when I hit the widget for categories that I dragged into the appropriate column, there are no categories. The widget is there and it looks “live” but it has no entries. All it says is “Select categories”


    To JayDavisPhotography,

    Did you solve your issue?

    I did not mean to take over your question, but my subject line would have matched yours, so I hopped on board.


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    I’m sorry that I don’t think I can help anymore. There was another post earlier today about new categories not showing up. I don’t know if that is connected to your question though.

    It’s late for me, so I’ll have to leave soon. Maybe another volunteer will have some insight.



    No, my issue was not solved.

    From my viewpoint, there is no way possible to remove the “uncategorized” label in my category list, because there is NO box to check next to that word in my category list. I think it is a default, unfortunately.


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