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    A writer friend of mine had a blog here, that I started for him in 2007, and I am the current admin. He just died, and his family and I have decided to turn the active blog over to another writer friend of his. But we want to keep a copy of the blog exactly as he left it before he died. So I opened this new account, and I tried to import the old blog, but it’s too big to come in one piece (22.7 mb), so I brought it over in two pieces. However, it appears that the “categories” (which are VERY important on this blog), only partly came over. By “partly” I mean, it appears ALL the posts have the categories still attached to them, and SOME of those categories appear on the sidebar when I install the ‘category’ widget, but most of the categories are missing from the sidebar widget, even though they’re still appearing on the posts. AND when I go into the dashboard and find the category listing and click on it, it comes up, even though it’s not showing in the ‘category’ list on the page. This is a big problem, because those are there for visitors to navigate this very large page (3800 postings), also if we ever were able to make a book out of it, the categories is how we organized all the material into groupings of relevant topics.

    I am NOT a tech person, and I’ve tried everything I can think of, and can’t fix it, but I think I described it pretty accurately. Can you help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    P.S. Have your tried reinstalling the Categories widget and waiting for it to repopulate?


    Thank you. I have installed the categories widget twice, and it’s been a few hours. There was a delay before it populated the first time, but it’s been quite a while since I imported the second piece of the blog.



    This may sound odd but have you checked in the Dashboard to see if there are keywords that have been used as both Cateories and as Tags?


    He did, at some point, use things as both categories and tags. But from what I can see, he didn’t do it reliably, and when he started, didn’t backtrack to do older things. I noticed he did some kind of rolling change on that, but didn’t think it would interfere with the category listing. In fact, on the live blog, the categories are still working just fine, but not on this import that i’m trying to turn into a permanent backup, or archive, if you will.



    Not to worry as Staff will work their way through threads tagged for their attention with the earliest dates to those with the most recent dates and will assist you when they get to this one.


    Thanks so very much. My only time issue is that I don’t want the family to think I’m dragging my feet on this, because I’ve held up on giving them the password to the live blog until I get this done, so that we don’t have more than one person trying to get in there at once.

    The writer who will be taking over the live blog has some unpublished materials and memorials she wants to get up on the site, and I don’t want to hold her up for too long.

    Thanks again.
    Mama said there’d be days like this…..



    This is a public forum available to anyone and everyone with internet access. Your family can see our conversation here and read what we say.

    All support threads and support tickets are dealt with in date order. It would not be fair to those who are waiting and who have been waiting since long before this thread was tagged for Staff to be served after you are served. That isn’t done here. We practice patience and that’s what I’m asking you to do please.


    Oh, I am.

    I was rambling. Grief-stricken and a little confused by this process is all. Worried. Afraid to do something wrong that will screw it up.



    I have been in grief over the deaths of 6 people,including my parents and brother, who were all very close to me in the last 6 years. You have my empathy. Take good care of yourself.


    Thank you. So sorry for your losses…



    It’s hard to accept impermanence despite the fact that nothing and no one is forever. Perhaps it’s easier when the people have lived full lives as my parents had done. However, it’s very hard when they have not lived full lives and death was unexpected as was the case in 4 of the deaths I grieved. I posted some tips at the end of this post you may want to read one day


    Thank you, I will. I’m ‘old’, (61), and have lost a lot of family members and friends. I was just telling another friend about this project, and that it’s strange… we’re the first generation old enough to have blogs AND be dying of somewhat ‘natural’ causes. There are no precedents for a lot of this stuff (like what to do with a blog when your friend dies) … we have to make it up as we go along, with as much consideration and thought as we can, and hope we’re not screwing up.

    This gent was a treasure of modern film, and his work needs to be preserved. I’m anything but a tech person, but i woke up one day and said… ‘I’ve got to MAKE him put his work on a blog, so it doesn’t disappear into a dumpster when he dies’… He didn’t even know what a blog was, and was on dialup 2500 miles away from me. The story of how I taught that irascible old coot to do his blog on phone calls between entries on his nasty old computer is a comedy sketch Saturday Night Live should do sometime. But that was seven years ago, and I’m so glad I did it.



    I decided this morning to start all over, and import the original blog in four pieces instead of two, and that process is now complete, and all the tags are working.

    So I thank you very much again, and will mark this issue as ‘resolved’ now.



    Hooray! You resolved this. Best wishes for smooth sailing. :)


    Ack! Already I have another question.

    So the blog I created yesterday that did not work, is still there under this ID. Also the new blog i created is there under this id. Total: two blogs.

    I would like to delete the one I created yesterday, the faulty one, but when I go to ‘delete’, it says it will delete the SITE… it does not say it will delete just that one blog.

    Can you clarify for me how to delete only the one that is not working?

    Sorry to ask yet another question.



    Every blog is an independent website. Deleting one blog registered under the same username account as another blog has no affect on any other blog registered under the same username account.

    Provided you are logged in under the Admin username account that registered the blog in question you can delete any blog registered under that username by using these instructions.


    When I follow the instructions to empty that particular blog of all content, it tells me to contact support to have that done. So here I am again.

    The messed-up blog I need emptied is ‘Dennis Grunes Blog Backup’.
    I do NOT want the new one emptied, which is called ‘Grunes on Film — The Archive’

    Next steps?



    Staff can empty the whole blog for you. That will remove all data including posts, pages, tags, categories, comments, and uploaded files and once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

    If you are sure you want Staff to proceed, then please
    (1) reply to confirm the URL of the blog you want them to empty
    (2) reply to confirm that you know content deletion is irreversible.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting blog content does not remove it from the SERPs (search engine page results). Google and Bing only clear their caches of deleted indexed content that produces a 404 (page not found) every 3 – 6 months.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

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