Categories not showing up (I know I know I read the other posts)

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    I see there is pretty extensive notes regarding categories not showing up. We have read every post, and tried everything listed.

    We’ve updated our cache, waited a few days, tried different templates, etc. We put posts of garbage text in every category as well as tried nesting and un-nesting our categories. We’ve deleted our categories and re-created them. No luck.

    We still consistantly get “No Categories” in our little category widget. We did not have this problem before the ability to nest categories. Please help?

    thanks in advance


    I have a different problem…my categories and archieves are showing up twice(duplicates)…any ideas????



    Cointoss, Matt says it’s a bug on the backend.

    Awaken, many. Using the search function, I turn up this thread. Please by the way do not “steal” other threads that do not deal with your issue.

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