Categories Not Showing Up in Side Bar Menu?

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    Hi, I’m new to blogging with much to learn and just testing a few posts to see how it all works and looks.

    I’ve posted once to each of my categories and all posts are there/viewable, but only one category is showing up in the side bar Categories menu. Why could that be?

    Are there some themes/templates that have problems more than others? If so, what are the most reliable templates I could use out of all available?

    I added the Meebo widget too, but it isn’t showing up either. Do I need an account with them for that to work?

    Thanks for your help and any insight into my problem.

    Annie :)



    Something seems strange since the categories aren’t showing up in your posts either. Best bet would be to submit a feedback with this issue and point at some of the posts that have missing categories.

    Is the Meebo widget in there currently? We need it back there to see what’s going on, if anything.



    Hi DrMike,

    Yes Meebo is still there, invisibly!

    Okay, have never done a feedback yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure out where and how – I’m guessing it’s like a support ticket?

    Thanks for replying :)



    Feedback is on the upper right hand side of your Dashboard when you log in. If you feel more comfortable though, you can also send in an email to support at this domain.

    If you do the email, make sure you mention the URL of your blog. The Feedback form already has that information.
    I don’t see the Meebo widget. I see the Meebo widget but I do have an account register and inputted into the widget.

    Hope this helps,

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