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categories not showing up when adding new posts

  1. Why don't the category options show up when using the 'new post' options - like here:

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  3. The only place I see categories is in the dashboard.

    No categories using the "W" menu new post in the gray admin bar.

    No categories using the menu that appears when you mouseover the blog name and get the menu with new post.

    No categories using the 'new post' on the righthand side of the gray admin bar.

    [the blog this is on is private - using the Reddle theme if that makes any difference]

  4. The blog linked to your username is "private". As we cannot see it that places us Volunteers in the unenviable position of speculating as to what you have done and how to correct it. If you change your blog privacy setting to option 2 described here I will help you. If you do not want to do that, then use the Help lionk on the top right hand corner of your Admin page to contact Staff, as they have backend access to blogs and we Volunteers don't.

  5. 1. How to create categories in your dashboard >
    Note: There is no data to display until there is one published post in each category.

    2. How to assign categories to posts in the category module >

  6. Yes, I've already created categories in the dashboard and am aware that if there aren't posts for the category, it won't show up in the categories list.

    Yes, I know how to select the category for posts.....what I'm saying is the option to select the category only shows up in the dashboard.

    The option to select a category for the new post doesn't show up when using the "W" menu 'new post' link.

    The option to select a category for the new post doesn't show up when using the menu that appears when you mouseover the blog name next to the "W".

    The option to select a category doesn't show up when using the "new post" on the right side of the gray admin bar.

    If you still need it to be not private to help, let me know.

  7. Like my first post on this page
    showing how to create new posts - there's no categories list there to assign the post to a category.

  8. The option to select a category for the new post doesn't show up when using the "W" menu 'new post' link.

    The "New Post" ie. Quick Post" link on the home page of is for Asides. Asides do not have titles and they cannot have categories assigned to them.

    Did you notice the words inside the editor on the home page under "New Post"? "Title optional"
    A Post Format is an option that changes the way posts are displayed when viewing either the front page of your blog, or an archive of specific posts. ...
    Aside – These are brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts. Useful for quick thoughts and anecdotes

    I never ever that "New Post" on the main page of I log-in to my own mlog and I use the Add Post in my own blog so I can create full posts using the fully equppied editor. If you want to do that too then click this link >

  9. So all the 'shortcut' links to add a new post -- none of them have the option of selecting the category for the new post?

    I tried the post-new.php link and get
    "Not Found
    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here."

    If the only place to select categories is the dashboard, we'll just use the dashboard.

  10. > Dashboard > view the far left hand side column and hover over "Posts"
    a flyout menu will appear click "Add New" and proceed.

  11. Don't know what you mean by ""New Post" on the main page of". I'm logged in to my blog and talking about the gray admin bar that's stationary at the top of the screen.

  12. The Screen Options pull down tab is located in the upper right corner of your Dashboard. It can be used to show/hide modules on some screens and show/hide columns on other screens. When you click on Screen Options, it will drop down an area with a list of the different things you can show or hide. You need to "unhide" Categories

  13. Ok, I give up. Mine only has this:
    Show on screen
    right now -- recent comments -- your stuff -- what's hot -- quickPress - recent drafts -- stats

    Aren't these for what shows up on the pages anyway? The categories are already showing on the right column. Just not when you go to add a new post.

    Thanks for your help!

  14. You will have to contact Staff by using the Help button on the top right hand corner of your Admin page.

  15. To go to your dashboard, you will have to hover over your username on the upper right corner and chose [Edit my Profile], then select [Posts > New Post] from the left menu.

    Or go to [http:// {yourdomain}]. An Extended Post editor will appear there.

    Still I wish there was a way to display the Full Editor on the front page. Is really annoying to have to fish for it, since clicking the [New Post] links will only redirect to [!/post/] which has a quick Post form with no Categories options.

  16. Exactly! To me the shortcuts are worthless if they don't let you select the category but oh well.

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