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Categories Not Working

  1. Hi,
    The category links on my blog are not working for a while now. I've tried accessing it via IE and FF but the results are the same.

    I am using the Rounded presentation theme currently.

    When I click on a category, it displays my main page although the URL shows the category's URL. I've checked that I've tagged my posts with the correct categories. No probs there.

    The 'Next page' link at the bottom does not work when I've clicked on one of the categories. Again, the URL show that it's at page 2 but the posts displayed are my latest posts.

    I remembered it worked fine when I first started using this presentation theme.

    Anyone knows what is the problem?

  2. It is weird... you should probably send in a feedback from your dashbiard. Just checked an mine work ok, might be theme-related...

  3. @swftoys

    All fixed!

  4. Wow! You guys are truly amazing! Thank you very much!

    May I know what was the problem? Was it theme-related?

  5. Barry explained to me that it was
    [resolved] Error 404 message received for all Categories
    but the 404 page for that theme redirects to the main page

  6. Oh i see. I did do a search in the forum but because i did not encounter a 404 Error, I did not think the problems were related.

    Nevertheless, thank you guys for the great support!

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