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Categories not working AGAIN -- post not listed under ANY subjects

  1. This seems to happen on a regular basis. WordPress simply stops listing new blog posts under category headings. No explanation, no nothing.

    My new post, at

    is not listed at any of the 12 categories I've listed it under. (This is a new secret limit on category listings that is imposed by WordPress administrators without telling anyone about it until they complain, as I found out last time I turned to the forums for help -- at

    This has happened before. The only solution anyone mentioned was changing the language in "settings", logging out, then going back in and re-setting the language in English. (This "fix" no longer helps -- didn't help last time, doesn't help this time.)

    I also tried re-editing the post, changing the number of categories, re-saving it. Didn't help.

    This is actually one of the reasons I started blogging at WordPress, but it seems to stopped working A LOT ON A REGULAR BASIS.

  2. I understand this is frustrating, but dragging up every thread with the subject is not going to endear you to anybody.

  3. I also posted a TEST blog post with just ONE category listed (Politics) and that post DID NOT EVER COME UP IN "POLITICS" CATEGORY although other bloggers had post appear there after mine was written

    I've since put the TEST blog post to "unpublished" but it was at

  4. ...and the same goes for shouting at the voluteers in the forum..

  5. You have nothing better to do with your time than be rude?

    Any help from the "non-volunteers" who get paid to run this thing off the traffic us "freeloaders" bring them?

  6. Um, the "non-volunteers" are a bit busy right now with the server issue PLUS support is not available on the weekends.

    Us "freeloaders" get what we pay for :(

  7. No, I have nothing else to do.

  8. "Us "freeloaders" get what we pay for :( "

    Time = money

    a lot goes into these posts to carry the advertising.

  9. I had tried moving a post to "unpublish" and put it back to "publish" to try to fix it too (that didn't work) - I was, however, accused of doing this (unpublish >publish) merely for the purpose of bumping the post in the tag system, by Anthony in support (email). When my problem had been, as I had explained, the post wasn't showing up at all in the tags. Boy if that doesn't grate a nerve.

  10. that had to be a nonsensical reply from "support/Anthony" who didn't want to be bothered with one of the MANY problems THAT COME UP REPEATEDLY in WordPress

    Like his response the LAST TIME categories stopped working, saying I exceeded the "limit" of 12 categories -- that had not happened before, when I listed posts under all possible entries, so it must be a NEW, DOUBLE SECRET limit the administrators decided to impose WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE THE LIMITS.

    I don't think that even works to "bumping the post in the tag system", but I've never done it. Before.

    So what are the NEW, TRIPLE SECRET limits the administrators have decided to do to keep some posters from getting things listed under Categories -- why can't they tell us WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

  11. well. all sort of computerstuff is going on. I am sure there is an evil conspiracy somewhere.
    Why don't you pay for hosting somewhere that are trouble free (=utopia).
    You are barking up the wrong tree, and not making any friends.
    Soon, I will start picking out bits of your own post, "how to win an argument on the net" to use in this thread.

  12. Wish there were a way to hit an "ignore" button for rude idiots w/ PMS.

    Also wish there was one place to go to see all the problems w/ a blogging service -- a "bitch forum". Including all the nonsensical replies we get from "support" that are hardly any better than pissing in the wind.

    If there had, I might not have wasted my time at this one.

  13. Dude, calm down.

  14. A Programmers Utopia:

    "You really expect my program to do the things I said it would do when real people actually use it? HAH! What a fool!"

  15. loomisnews, I see your posts on tag pages.

    We're improving the way posts are selected for inclusion on tag pages. It's not perfect but is already reducing the amount of spam visible there.

  16. Okay, a lot of heat cascading down this thread...but what's the latest then?

    I just wrote a post two hours ago which isn't showing up under any of the tags. Wrote one on Wednesday with the exact same amount of relevance per tag and no umm...are my posts not going to meet the tag-criteria any more as per the "improved" process on tag-inclusion? Or is this an issue that requires contacting WordPress Support tomorrow?

    I sure hope it's the latter, but anyway if someone could let me know that'd be great.



  17. It's easier to help you if you give us the exact URL of the post, whether or not you had set it to post automatically, and which tag pages it's supposed to be showing under.

  18. oh ya, forgot to re-post the URL from the other thread:

    And it wasn't an auto-post, and these are the tags:

    "Posted in: Love | Tagged: Business, Comedy, Dating, Funny, Humor, Humour, Life, Sarcasm, Sex"

    Thanks for looking into it!

  19. Well, I can confirm there appears to be nothing wrong with your blog other than the fact that you're totally not on the global tag pages. You don't appear to have been set Mature, and the code for the tags themselves works just fine going out from your blog.

    In another thread on the same issue tellyworth said there was a glitch in the matrix. And from his remarks above:
    I'd assume that they're doing some refinements that are taking legit blogs off the tag pages accidentally. I would contact Support from the dashboard and let them know, giving them all the details you've put here. Good luck with it; they're usually quick to fix things like that.

  20. I will definitely try to contact them tomorrow, thanks for narrowing down the list of possibilities! :-)

  21. Hello fellow members, newbie blogger asking for assistance. I don't think anyone knows I started a blog. Didn't word press say they do pinging ??? I am now getting help from the forum to help me get my blog listed at least. I just found out what rss mean. Sigh.... a real newbie blogger.

  22. I have had categories for my posts, and now suddenly in the "Write Post" there is no place to list categories.
    I have 22 categories and there is no provision to access them. Why?

  23. For dashboard issues, you'll have to contact staff. We won't be able to even see the problem.

    But before you do, try the cookie dance. Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, and restart. Sometimes that fixes things.

  24. You know, categories came back on my second attempt. I had to rewrite the post, copying and pasting from my preview. Something must be in transition. (Additionally, "Save" wouldn't save either; it was not added to my drafts.)

  25. damn this makes me soo angry. On a regular basis I have severe Problems with my blog (without changing anything in the backend!). It just wont show my posts send via youtube.

    I feel like wordpress is a strange thing. OI liked it a lot but as i can see there a far more problems around than i thought i might be switching pretty soon.

    Whats wrong with wordpress? Why does it ignore its administrators sometimes??

  26. Please don't hijack threads. You've got responses in the other thread.

  27. WTF? I dont hijack anything! Please stop spamming the discussion with offtopic nonsense! Thank you...

  28. This thread is about posts not showing up in global tags pages, not about posting youtube videos.

  29. Not its about categories not working, and the YT issue could be part of this. :P

  30. phalancs, I can see youtube videos on your blog.

    Whatever the problem might be, it's not the one discussed in this thread. Please start a fresh one with details.

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