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    After I had made a post, I noticed that the numbers beside the categories disappeared. I did a hard refresh, and logged out and in. No numbers. I use the theme Sandbox and browser IE7. I checked with Firefox and the same–no numbers.

    Is this a glitch?



    Try going into that post you made and using the “Clean up code” icon, the little broom. It’s possible there’s an unclosed tag. I’m unsure how that could make this change, but cant’ see anything else that would do it either. Worth a shot. Those numbers are definitely not there.

    You may need CSS guru help.

    PS: love the flowering crabapple shot.


    Where is that little broom? I opened the kitchen sink and looked for it. LOL I also looked for any unclosed tags. The post is simple, though, with not much ado. I reinserted the photos, checked the tags, and did a hard refresh. The numbers did not show up. The categories numbers have been there all along from the start–nary a change. They just disappeared. The CSS is basic without little change from the original. Just color and font change and a picture for the header, and all has worked until the post this afternoon. Soooooo…… I don’t know. A mystery.

    Thanks about the flowering crabapple shot. :)


    To note: I noticed that in Available Widgets that Categories is available even though it is already installed and active in the 1st sidebar. All the other widgets being used in the sidebars are not available in the Available Widgets (except Text). Could that be the problem?



    Not likely. You can have a number of Category widgets, but they are all identical.



    In my blog dissapeared categories post counts even if it is checked in categories properties…I guess it’s another problem caused these days…



    I have precisely the same problem, which occurred spontaneously yesterday – the post counts in the ‘categories’ widget just disappeared (though the widget itself is ticked to ‘show post counts’) – I don’t think it’s got anything to do with individual posts or with unclosed tags – since there appear to be 3 of us posting the same problem simultaneously, this looks like a WordPress issue rather than an individual blog problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?



    I would wait till Monday and report it via the Support button on your dashboard. It looks like a relatively widespread problem, and probably one that staff have caused. They alone can fix it.



    the same happened to me… well, we`ll have to wait for wordpress to fix the problem..


    Well, it is good to know that isn’t just a problem with my blog. Only WP can fix it… and we’ll have to wait. Other problems seem to be arising this morning as the media isn’t working correctly either. Sigh………



    I don’t have any solution to offer, but let it just be heard that I’ve got the same problem too.

    After looking for a while (not a whole lot of us use the cat-count option) I found several blogs that still showed the counts, so it’s not something WordPress-wide.

    Well, if it was, there would be burning cars and mobs on the streets.

    Wait and see, I guess.



    I wonder if it’s theme dependent, or people who are using the CSS upgrade or something. That would account for the differences if staff are tinkering.



    The same thing happened to my blog. I miss the numbers with the categories.



    The same thing happened to my blog yesterday.

    If raincoaster’s suggestion about it being possibly theme related is true . . . well, I am using Cutline. Is anyone else experiencing a problem with that theme?

    Also, not only can I not view the numbers next to the categories, but under Design/Widgets, the edit feature for the Categories widget is missing (the other widgets are fine).



    I’m using Sandbox with custom CSS, for what it’s worth.



    Kubrick, no custom CSS, cat numbers gone.

    Then again, I did see one blog with Kubrick and (I’d strongly guess) no custom CSS, same as mine, and it did have cat numbers.

    (Satoruvash: I’ve still got my “edit” on the widget. This is just getting curiouser and curiouser…)



    ChaoticSoul, no custom CSS, same problem :)


    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Category count disappeared yesterday



    My category count disappeared either yesterday or the day before. I don’t remember precisely when.



    I have the same problem. Design: Emire.
    I noticed that if i choose to make it a drop-down menu trough the widgets options, the post numbers appear.

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