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Categories on mainpage

  1. Is there a way to rather have the latest posts on the main page have say a certain Categorie.

  2. I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are asking.

    There is no way to limit the posts on the main page to a certain category, but if you have the category widget in the sidebar, you can click on a category heading and that will bring up all posts in that category.

  3. well that sucks :'(

  4. Actually I believe the poster if they can exclude posts from the list on the front page.

    You can with the regular wordpress software and your own host (please read the Please Read Me First sticky if this is you) but not with what is here at The work around though is to change the date on those posts that you don't want seen and predate them before the last post on your front page.

  5. ouch changing dates i way too much work i just put 100+posts on the the past hr or so so that will take too long.

    i'll have a read at the software stuff probs faster


  6. i just put 100+posts on the the past hr or so so that will take too long

    Would you please post the url for your blog?

  7. OOPS! I see a typo. That should have read @paulturner84 - sorry :(

  8. hehe no worries

    what im doing is converting my old website into wordpress.
    1 becoz my server closed down
    2 word press is faster to update and add content

    when i designed my website it was in pure html code and was designed pretty well just look all my time to design and no time to add the content.

  9. Hey, your site is looking great! Granted that editing every post that you don't want seen is a PITA but the end product will be worth it.
    Happy Blogging! :)

  10. Ty theres even more now
    lots of stuff to copy over so busy busy.

  11. Best wishes for a (busy) Happy Holiday!

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