Categories (or lack thereof)

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    I am at my wits end with adding new categories. I have followed the help files and FAQ’s step-by-step but I seem to be missing something. I have a free wordpress account and have tried both Internet Explorer and Opera to rule out a browser problem. Here is what I’ve done:

    Under Manage > Categories, I click on “Add New Category” and enter a new category name into the ‘Name:’ box. I leave ‘category parent’ set to ‘none’ and type ‘test’ under ‘Description’.

    When I click on ‘Add Category’ I see “Sending Data” briefly before a box appears that says “jump to new item” This box doesn’t do anything when I click on it. The category I tried adding doesn’t appear on the list.

    I’ve also tried adding a category on the fly when entering a new post (or editing an old post). I see “sending data” but the category does not appear on the list. I am able to manage other settings without a problem.

    I’ve hard refreshed the browser as well as tried using a different browser. I’ve waited several hours after adding a category but it still does not appear on the Manage > Categories list.




    hi lynanne

    i’m no expert in this but you did not mention if you have any posts in that category you created. if you have no posts in that category, it won’t appear in your blog. is that the problem? if not, check if the category exists by going to ‘manage’ and clicking on categories. if it’s not thr, try creating it again and see what happens?



    Try clearing your cookies and brower cache, then log back into and try again.

    Joseph Cheng



    Thanks for the response!

    I finally had a friend log into my account and try it on his computer. He notice an error on the page. The ‘add category’ button does not work on the website. He was able to add categories by hitting ‘enter’ twice after typing in the category.



    yeah, that works for me, too. Thanks, lyanne.

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