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    The categories I have assigned to my posts are not directing me to posts within my blog. For example, I have a number categorized as “economics” but when I click it at the top of one my posts so categorized, I am directed to other blogs with that category. Meanwhile, for categories that I created from scratch and that are not used on any other blog *nothing* turns up when I click the category. Unless I never understood categories to begin with, they are used as a filter *within* your own blog and not as a portal into other blogs. Right?



    Categories / tags that are above/below a post all link to the main tags pages.

    Categories / tags that are listed in your sidebar link within your blog.

    This is intended behaviour.



    Is this new? I don’t recall this being the case in the past. I find it annoying and counter-intuitive. If I wanted to look at other blogs (or have my readers look at them), I would. I don’t need to be directing people elsewhere when they’re looking for all of MY posts on a certain subject.



    This is absolutely not new. It’s been that way since I got to more than two years ago, and people have been complaining about it for at least that long. The only way not to link to the Global Tag Pages is to have a private blog.

    The reason it’s set up this way is for SEO, so blogs have more google juice.

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