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    Why does the bottom of my page show categories scattered all over the place? I would like them to be on the sidebar. Also, when I put the STATS widget in the sidebar it gets moved to the bottom of the page, too.




    What’s the blog? We can’t diagnose if we can’t see it.


    Hi there,
    Because you forgot to give us the link to your blog we can’t see it and help you. Please post it and we will work from there.



    I found your blog
    (1) Location of Categories and Blog Stats
    You have chosen the Ocean Mist theme and it’s hardcoded to display all categories in the footer. The same thing is true for the Blog Stats. They are where the theme designer chose them to be. And you cannot change these without purchasing a css upgrade and editing the css yourself. If you don’t want to do purchase the css customization upgrade then your other choice is to change themes.

    (2) Too many posts and images on front page – slow page loading time
    IMHO you have far too many posts and images on your front page. This makes the page take a very long time to load for those on dial-up service. You can change the number of posts on the front page here -> Options -> Reading
    Blog Pages
    Show at most:___posts
    Type in a lower number and click “Update Options” to save.

    (3) Background colour bug in blogging space
    If you do choose to continue using this theme then on Monday you will have to send in a feedback to staff and get a backend fix for the theme from staff that will correct the background colour under the text in your blogging space. It is not supposed to be blue but should be off-white.


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