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Categories refuse to be in hierarchy

  1. I've set up my main sidebar (left) at to display categories in a hierarchial format, and it did at first, but now it refuses to.

    Did I somehow break something by accident?

  2. Have you tried opening and re-configuring the Categories widget?
    Don't forget to click "Save Changes".

  3. Yes, and I tried adding a second categories widget and it too refused to be in a hierarchy. I also CTRL-F5'ed the page which did nothing as well.

  4. Well that is mysterious. Support is closed so I'm afraid you'll have to wait and then report this to staff tomorrow

  5. we have the same problem.....the categories go into a hierarchy only when the pull down menu is selected via widgets

  6. Some themes do not support hierarchy display. The page is correctly being rendered with "children" categories, but the theme does not have CSS for rendering them with an indent. These are the resolutions:

    * Use a different theme
    * Pay for the CSS upgrade so you can apply the indentation yourself
    * Use the dropdown option
    * Deal with the lack of indenting

  7. But it does! If you remove sidebar customization, you'll get categories, with indenting and shading. At least, that's what worked when I originally started this topic.

    And I KNOW it worked on a customized sidebar for a short time.

    I want sidebar customization... and I want category hierarchy. Why can't I have both?
    (Short answer: It's broken and hasn't been fixed.)

    So, it's not a problem with the theme. Simply put: It's broken.

  8. So, did you report it to staff as Timethief suggested in her Aug 7 post?

    You seem to be insistent that it's "broken". We (apart from Mark who is Staff) are volunteers who have no more access to change the code than you do. Please, use the "contact support" and report it to the powers that be.

  9. I have no code access - that would be such a really bad idea :)

    I'll flag this up though.

  10. Yes, I did and on August 7th was told by "Barry" (ticket NIL-371788) that "I think that is a bug[...]". Also was suggested by him was that I remove all the widgets from the left sidebar to see if it worked, which I did and resulted in its proper display, and is how I know it's possible for it to work.

  11. I am having exactly the same problem. Set up three category widgets to use drop down and heirarchy, then under manage categories I use them as parent for others but it does not work. All of the other, lesser categories show up in ALL of the parent categories. And support is closed....sigh. Even tried it at another theme that shows widget categories with hierarchy and no go. I'm at

  12. support can also be reached via email at support[at]

  13. Me four. I just noticed it tonight. It's worked before (using Cutline, BTW), but now it's broken. Tried both with a dropdown and without.

    I'll send something out in the morning when support opens.

  14. ...and now it's working. Weird.

  15. Not really - note the sticky post

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