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categories scale no respected?

  1. my under-categories included all the publishing of mother-categories … no separated !!! what the fuck ? think ;)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Can you provide an example? I don't find any links to sub-category pages in the main part of the menu.

  3. Rather than "the main part of the menu" I should have said the widget at the top of the menu that contains links to the category pages titled Linguistique, Langues, and Mathématiques.

  4. Exemple: in my website « Ophys » (physiology):

    in the category: « Médecins » (physicians, in french)

    should have only physicians pages, but not diseases concerned by physicians.

    {sorry for my french touch english :) }

  5. Thanks for the additional information. : )

    I think that the issue you've described is a result of the system of subcategories you've created and how handles subcategories. The category page "Medecins," for example, will display not only all posts assigned the Medecins category, but also all posts assigned to each generation of subcategories of the Medicins category. There cases of at least four generations of categories in your category system.

    Let's take the example of the post "Lithiase" presently found at the top of the Médecins category. The Médecins category has not been assigned to this post, so you might ask then why does it appear in the Médecins category page. An investigation of categories and subcategories provides the answer.

    The "Lithiase" post has the category Francis Gottfred Harbitz assigned to it, but that category is a subcategory of the Médecins category, which itself is a subcategory of the Médecine category, as can be seen in the URL of the Francis Gottfred Harbitz category: Therefore, in assigning the Francis Gottfred Harbitz category to the "Lithiase" post, you have also assigned to it the parent category Médecins and the grandparent category Médecine. It will consequently appear in each of these category pages as well.

    Note also that the following two URLs are equivalent:
    While one includes the parent in the URL and the other doesn't, both display the same Médecins category page.

  6. Likewise the URLs and are equivalent, though one includes the parent and grandparent categories and the other doesn't.

  7. Think you very much for all these details :)

    If i has well understand, i will dissociate my hundred categories for make of precision :(

  8. You're welcome. :) Let us know if you want any more assistance.

    i will dissociate my hundred categories...

    You may do that, eliminate them all and get a fresh start. However, all of the category relationships need not necessarily be eliminated. You might begin with eliminating only those causing the trouble.

  9. Ok, il will look so …



  10. The problem is that when you change the hierarchy of a category, all the corresponding pages must be reassigned one by one !!! ˇˇ'

  11. A category should contain only pages / articles that are attached to it. In my opinion it's a programming problem, software design, right?

  12. I tend to agree with that point of view, but it doesn't work that way. You may add a "modlook" tag to the sidebar at right here if you'd like to call for staff attention. Perhaps staff can provide an explanation.

  13. Oh yes, I'll do this!

  14. Hi @vlcineaste, re: the system design, think of it this way:

    Main category: animals Sub categories: dogs, cats, fish, etc.

    All of those are animals, so they will all appear on the animals page. It's done that way on purpose. If something should not appear on the animals category listing, it shouldn't appear within a sub category of animals.

    If you need to change the current arrangement, you can edit the categories themselves here instead of editing individual posts:

    Also, bear in mind, you can use custom menus (either in a menu bar or on a widget) to display whatever visual hierarchy you'd like, regardless of category relationships.

    I hope this information helps :)

  15. Also, thanks @musicdoc1 for your help here. It is excellent as usual. :)

  16. Think you very much musicdoc1 and supernovia :D

  17. How, please, to delete all the hierarchies at once, without deleting the categories and subcategories?

  18. You can't delete all hierarchies at once. But you can edit each category and change its parent setting.

  19. Some hundred categories … a good night's sleep in French time for my tomorrow marathon :O

  20. A good idea, in my opinion, would be to add, in the category manager, the following "grouped actions":

    Parent category / None </ blockquote>
    for everyone.

  21. A good idea, in my opinion, would be to add, in the category manager, the following "grouped actions":

    Parent category / None

    for everyone.

  22. Thanks for the suggestion. Right now we only have a bulk option to delete categories, so that wouldn't work. We likely won't be re-writing the feature anytime soon either. But if you are techy and have time to play with it, you could consider exporting, editing the export, then importing again.

    If it were me, even though I am techy, I would just edit them because the time spent would be about the same. Good luck!

  23. Think

  24. Cheers :) I'll go ahead and close this out.

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